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Storvik Novice Day and War Practice

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  • Sean Sampson
    Greetings to all my fellow archers. I must apologize in advance for the short notice, but I have just this day been authorized to spread the word. The Barony
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2000
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      Greetings to all my fellow archers.

      I must apologize in advance for the short notice, but I have just
      day been authorized to spread the word. The Barony of Storvik
      (Washington D.C./P.G. County/et. al) is staging a Novice Day event,
      which will also include a War Practice. For those archers
      we will be practicing many of the War Points Shoots for this year's
      Pennsic (Advancing man, slot.) There will also be a Castle Shoot as
      well as a chance to work on your Atlantian Ranking by improving your
      RR score. There will be other shoots as well, including possibly a
      water shoot. The range is being run by Lord Robert Runewald of
      Lochmere, so there should be plenty to keep the archers busy. The
      original event posting on the Acorn did not list archery, so it may
      not have captured the attention of the archers in the area. I have
      included below the revised event listing, along with the directions
      the site. We should have beautiful weather this weekend, so wax up
      those strings and come prepare for War! I look forward to seeing all
      of you that can make it.

      In service,

      Eoghan O'Ruadhain
      Humble archer
      Shire of Roxbury Mill

      Novice Day, All the Way and Northern Regional War Practice

      Site opens at 5pm, Friday June 30th and Closes at
      2pm, Sunday July 2nd.

      The Patuxent River Park / Jug Bay Natural Area
      16000 Croom Airport Road
      Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

      Costs: Daytrip - $10 onboard / $6 offboard. - Under
      age 12 half price,
      babes in arms free.
      Camping - $2.50 per person, per night - regardless
      Make checks payable to: "Barony of Storvik, SCA,

      Feast: We will be offering a limited feast
      consisting of Beast, Bread
      & Beverage. Please bring your own side dishes to
      round out the meal.

      Directions: Take your best route to the Washington
      Exit onto Hwy 4 (Exit 11A) / Pennsylvania Ave.
      towards Upper Marlboro.
      This exit is at about 4 o'clock on the Beltway
      circle. Follow Hwy 4 approximately
      7.5 miles to Hwy 301 South. Follow 301 South for 1.5
      miles. Turn LEFT
      on Croom Station Road. At the stop sign, turn LEFT
      Croom Road. Travel
      1.5 miles, turn LEFT on Croom Airport Road, which
      dead ends at the park.
      Follow SCA signs to the site.

      Alcohol: Beer is permitted in KEGS only. No other
      alcohol is permitted
      on site. The Legal Drinking age in Maryland is 21.

      Merchants: Due to site regulations - Merchanting is

      Pets: are to remain on Leashes

      A&S - Classes and Novice Competition
      Heavy Weapon Fighting - Novice Tourney and Northern
      Regional War Practice
      Rapier Fighting - Novice Tourney and Melee Practice
      Archery - Novice Shoot and Pennsic Practice: No, we
      aren't going to shoot
      the Novices! All archers are welcome to participate
      in the Pennsic Style
      shoots in preparation for War. Those archers who
      score highest in each
      Competition and who have never won an archery
      competition in the past
      will be awarded prizes.
      Dancing - After Feast - geared for both the Novice
      and the Experienced.

      SCHEDULE of Events:

      Friday, June 30th

      5 pm -
      Site Opens
      8 pm -
      Troll closes for the evening

      Saturday, July 1st

      9 am -
      Troll Opens
      Archery activities begin (will continue all day
      about 5pm.)
      Armoring Clinic begins (will continue until the
      Weapons Novice
      Tourney begins)
      CLASS - Camp Cooking class begins (runs until Lunch
      when the results
      will be eaten by the students.) Fee $5
      Heavy Weapon Authorizations begin (will continue
      until the Heavy Weapons
      Novice Tourney begins)

      10 am -
      CLASS - Lampworking class begins (will continue
      Lunch - the results
      should not be eaten.) The art of making wound glass
      NOVICE A&S Display will be open. Bring your
      for public viewing
      before the Novice A&S Judging begins (To participate
      in the Novice Competition,
      you should have been practicing this particular form
      of A&S for a year
      or less. Due to Site Regulations, please do not
      present alcoholic brewing

      11 am -
      CLASS - Fighting as a Spectator Sport - (Continues
      through the Novice
      Tourney.) - What are they doing out there!?
      CLASS - Basic Garb - How can the T-tunic be used for
      men's and women's
      garb? How do I make one? How do I spiff it up?
      NOVICE TOURNEY - Heavy Weapons Tourney begins - for
      all heavy fighters
      who have been authorized for a year or less.
      NOVICE TOURNEY - Rapier Fighting Tourney begins -
      all rapier fighters
      who have been authorized for a year or less.

      12 pm -
      LUNCH Break

      12:30pm -
      WAR PRACTICE begins - Northern Regional War
      All participants
      must register with Troll and the MoL.
      RAPIER WAR PRACTICE begins - Will include 3 and
      Melees. All participants
      must register with Troll and the MoL.

      1 pm -
      *NEW* - BARDIC WORKSHOP - A forum for Novice Bards
      and experienced Pros
      to perform for one another and be critiqued before
      facing the masses.
      CLASS - What's in my Kit? - We'll unpack a
      Chiurgeon's kit (or two) and
      see what's in there, as well as review various
      suggested lists of contents.
      CLASS - Beginning Scribal (continues until 3pm.) - A
      hands-on introduction
      to SCA scrolls. You will begin your first Scroll
      Blank. Ages 12+ - fee
      ARCHERY CONTINUES - Still going.. Will continue
      about 5pm.

      2 pm -
      CLASS - Newcomers Court - What are they doing? What
      should I do?- Taught
      by the Baroness of Storvik in a Mock Court forum.

      3 pm -
      NOVICE A&S Competition closes. All Landed Gentry
      Laurels are invited
      to participate in the judging.

      5 pm -
      COURT will be held by her Excellency, the Baroness
      Johanna of Storvik
      Troll Closes

      6 pm -
      FEAST - will begin

      Post feast - 7ish?
      Dancing in the far end of the picnic pavilion. We
      expect Novice Dancers
      - so the dances will be taught to help dancers of
      experience levels
      enjoy the fun.

      Sunday, July 2nd

      All morning -
      Pick up Fighting as desired

      2pm -
      Site closes - please help us keep our reputation for
      leaving a site cleaner
      than we found it. Trash Bags will be available from
      the Autocrats and
      in the Picnic Pavilion. Please place all trash in
      the Dumpster provided.
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