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  • RJ Bachner
    Heya Chris Hey I totally get the desire to shoot a heavy bow. The cool factor is definitely there but as I found out. Pain hurts. What I did while training is
    Message 1 of 19 , Aug 2, 2010
      Heya Chris

      Hey I totally get the desire to shoot a heavy bow. The cool factor is
      definitely there but as I found out. Pain hurts.

      What I did while training is use the bow I have, fiberglass works better for

      I can't shoot every day because I don't have access to a range more than
      once a week. What I do is basically draw the bow slowly to full draw in
      front of a mirror, watch your form and make sure every draw is perfect. Hold
      it for 10 sec each rep and do it 10 times to begin with, rest then do it
      again etc.

      You can do this in the living room or hallway or out front on balcony if
      local weapons laws allow it.

      You burn in muscle memory for the draw and anchor and believe me, 2 weeks of
      this morning and night and you won't be shaking at full draw. Doing it every
      day over time increasing the reps and number of cycles will do more for you
      than honking back a heavy bow a few times and tearing your cuff as I did.

      Did I mention that pain hurts?

      If you absolutely need that heavy training bow, all you need is a length of
      elm or hickory or white oak (these are the cheapest tough bow woods
      available almost everywhere) that is tillered to bend evenly at the draw
      weight and draw length you need. It does not have to be an actual shooter,
      just a flexible beam with a handle and a really thick bowstring. (good luck
      getting the damn thing strung though)

      Don't forget though

      PAIN HURTS!!!!!!!!!


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      It just sounded condescending. Cause, yeah, I thought of shooting as way to
      get better. My solution was just muscle building in the absence of being
      able to put in that kind of time on a range. Nor did I think it was going to
      happen in the span of a couple months. It's taken me about 3 months of
      working out with the 50# just to make the 30# feel good when I draw it.

      The weight of the bow has nothing to do with the SCA. That was because I've
      always wanted to do that.

      I appreciate the advice, it was just the way you put it that grated on me.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Carolus <eulenhorst@...> wrote:
      > No snark intended. As I said, I hoped you would not take offense but
      > take my comments as the advice they were intended to be. You seemed
      > pretty intent on the idea and the SCA is full of over-enthusiastic folks
      > with grand ideas. Often they put them into execution really well,
      > sometimes with bad results and others more outstanding. That being
      > said, I know the strain of shooting heavy bows and the work it takes
      > just to handle moderate ones. I have seen some serious injuries from
      > overdoing poundages and I really wanted to get the message through (not
      > just for you but others who may bee lurking) that while your goal is
      > admirable, it will take a lot of work and planning and I really don't
      > want to see someone injured.
      > Carolus


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