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Re: [SCA-Archery] fletching ???

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  • Guy Taylor
    Your questions seem to be directed towards target archery scores rather than authenticity so I ll couch my answers in that direction. Turkey feathers are the
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 2, 2010
      Your questions seem to be directed towards target archery scores rather than authenticity so I'll couch my answers in that direction.
      Turkey feathers are the most available with goose being slightly less available. Turkey may be had in a variety of colors while I've never seen goose in anything but grey. Due to it being somewhat unusual in these modern times your fletcher may charge extra if you want goose feathers.
      For number of fletching I prefer 3 fletch. Two is not often used except in crossbow bolts and Native American reproduction arrows. Many archers like 4 fletch because they feel it doesn't matter which way they place the arrows on the string during the speed round. If index nocks are used the arrow may be easily oriented on the string without even looking at it. And, if a 3 fletch arrow is nocked with the cock feather in, go ahead and shoot it. It is unlikely that any flight difference will be observed. In fact, some bow/arrow combinations shoot better this way. Four fletch will provide greater drag on the arrow. This can be important when using a hunting broadhead, when shooting at very close targets, or when using poorly tuned arrows. Four fletch will also give less distance on a clout shoot.
      Fletching shape doesn't matter. If a particular parabolic feather has the same area as a particular shield shape they will have the same steering capability and same performance. Fletching length (and thus area) will make a difference. Poorly tuned gear will require a large fletch to overcome problems. Properly tuned equipment can use a smaller fletch. A particular archer in my area uses very small fletching and his arrows are a joy to watch in flight. He has taken the time to tune his equipment and does not need a big fletch to steer his arrows.
      Plastic nocks are cheap and easy. If you choose to use self-nocks they should be reinforced with something like silk, sinew, etc. wrapped 'round the shaft. Or, an insert like bone, horn, or hardwood may be used for reinforcement. Be sure self-nocks are properly fitted to the bowstring. Too loose is a pain in the butt, too tight will not give best performance and may be damaging to the nock.
      The crux of all your questions... what gives high scores: Practice, lots of practice. Not just shooting a lot of arrows but understanding what is happening and making a conscious effort to make every shot better than the last.

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      Subject: [SCA-Archery] fletching ???
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      what makes for the best target arrows fletching matrial goose turkey
      pheasent ostrich etc and what height legnth shape .
      I see 7" fletching and 3/4" height listed in sources for outdoor
      and goose. silk thread/sinew
      self nock with bone or wood insert.
      yet most places offer short fletching and higher
      is 4 3 2 flecthings better
      what gets you to Royal bowmaster
      I live in outlands I dont see any archers listed above bowmaster
      In other areas are there any grand or royal bowmasters
      Yes im new to sca but lots of questions.
      yes thats Royal Ranking rounds

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