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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: equipment

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  • Bill Tait
    You can also get self-adhesive center patches. William Who now shoots at $12 dollar 122 s.
    Message 1 of 48 , Jul 13, 2010
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      You can also get self-adhesive center patches. 

      Who now shoots at $12 dollar 122's.

      On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 2:37 PM, James W <jameswolfden@...> wrote:

      When I was baronial archer, it was a mix of both. Somethings came out of my pocket and some things were paid for by the barony.

      The 60cm FITA target is pretty cheap at around $1 for a paper version so I might go in and buy a dozen and eat the costs. 3rivers has a 10 pack of the targets for $9 so I am not sure where you are seeing the targets as being expensive unless you are looking at the plastic coated stock which you don't really need to use. They do last longer but with care the paper targets can last a few practises - depending on the archer.

      Remember, you paid for the whole target, so make sure you use the whole target. Spread those arrows around.

      Actually, we have one archer that can very accurate with his crossbow and he goes out and gets colour photocopies of the center of the target. It is 35 cents for a colour photocopy and when he shoots out the center sufficiently, he just lines up his photocopy with the rest of the target and tapes it down.

      In Service,

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, kkidder@... wrote:
      > this is a question directed to mostly marshalls in archery and live
      > weapons. I was wanting to know when you get targets and such for your
      > local groups do you purchase them or does your locasl barony shire or
      > canton? on the other hand do most also look for donated targets and such.
      > i waqs told most marshalls buyu their own targets and are the ones to
      > provide them for group practices and events. i have seen the fita targets
      > are quite expensive but their are many homemade style targets that are
      > able to be made. I am currently talking to my canton about buying fita
      > targets so i can rank archers in royal rounds but am meeting with
      > resistance since they are so expensive. I have had allot of growth wiht my
      > local group with the archery and doing well right now.

    • chris & sher
      hmmm. we have 2# (white) 48 x 9 , for the walls of our clout, and arrows from a 50#, bow will penetrate some time up t0 6-8 Christopher ... From: Gary
      Message 48 of 48 , Jul 19, 2010
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        hmmm. we have 2# (white) 48" x 9 ', for the walls of our clout, and arrows from a 50#, bow will penetrate some time up t0 6-8 "
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        I must be getting different foam than the rest of you. I get 2# foam,
        comes in a 4 1/2 ft x 9 ft sheet, 2 inches thick. I cut them in thirds
        so I get three 3 ft x 4 1/2 ft single layer targets. We have 160#
        crossbows shooting at them with no blow threws. The 4# foam only come
        in 24" x 9'. I've got some but seldom use it. 6#, no way, the
        crossbows barely penetrate it.

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