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Re: Northern Regional War Camp (7/03-5/2010) -- note corrected date!

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  • Da
    Thanks, Omelan! Our setup for the day-range is pretty much on schedule, probably, in part, because we re keeping it simple. HOWEVER...we do have one or two
    Message 1 of 3 , May 9, 2010
      Thanks, Omelan!

      Our setup for the day-range is pretty much on schedule, probably, in part, because we're keeping it simple. HOWEVER...we do have one or two novelty shoots that are sure to bring smiles to a lot of faces. More details if you want them. In keeping it simple, though, we haven't designed or proposed a night shoot so far. I have heard from a couple of archers that they do consider a night shoot at NRWC as a tradition, so maybe we'll keep one in mind.

      MEANWHILE -- I had posted the wrong date. Sorry. The correct one for NRWC is the July 4 weekend. The other date is Concordia's "War of the Roses" (Memorial Day weekend). This is also an encampment you shouldn't miss, even if, like some of us, and I'm not admitting anything...:-), you can't hit the targets.

      -- T'mas na Ui Naill
      Shire of Glenn Linn

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Omelan" <newhewhen@...> wrote:
      > Not to worry, if you set up targets, they will come. I have run archery for Glenn Linn several times plus host a couple of night shoots there without a show of hands. The best plan is to design a shoot you can run alone and hope for the best. Try to be ready weeks before the event. Help always arrives. I have never had to shut the range down for safety issues or lunch due to a lack of marshals. You will see.
      > So relax and have a good time. 8) I hope to attend and look foward to meeting you.
      > Omelan
      > Barony of Dragonship Haven
      > --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Da" <tdba1@> wrote:
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      > > I'm a new member of this group. This coming Northern Regional War Camp (Memorial Day weekend), we need help...if you can help marshal for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday, please let me know. Our shire has 40-45 active members, and about 650 people attend the NRWC each year, of whom at least 50 shoot archery. For the first time in many years, we will be hosting the archery site at our own event -- until now, and for a very long time, the Barony of Concordia has graciously organized and held it for us. We restarted our archery program at Glenn Linn two years old with just me, and now there are nine of us. At the moment, I'm the only marshal, but we may total three by the date of the event. We agree with the event autocrat that, for safety sake, we need at least another three more marshals -- throughout each day, we would like to have two marshals on the line and one for equipment checks. We'd like to have more so that we don't have to worry about shutting down the range when there aren't enough of us on duty. No doubt some visiting marshals will take a few moments to help out while they can, but it sure would help if we could get a showing of hands ahead of time.
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      > > -- T'mas na Ui Naill
      > > East Kingdom
      > > Shire of Glenn Linn
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