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Re: [SCA-Archery] archery during events

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  • Cynthia Hines
    Sir, I am hoping you are the same Blackmoon I met at the Kansas City Ren Fair close to 20 years ago. If you are would you mind responding at I would like to
    Message 1 of 51 , Apr 7, 2010
      Sir, I am hoping you are the same Blackmoon I met at the Kansas City Ren Fair close to 20 years ago. If you are would you mind responding at I would like to reconnect to a old friend.


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      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] archery during events
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      in your original post, it sounded like you have problems finding event sites that allow tw or archery ? are you in a metro area? with no rural areas within a couple hour drive ?
      before gas went through the roof, we used to drive 6 + hours to get to an event .
      but with the exception of perhaps steppes,elfsea, or stargate, most of our groups have multiple sites outside anyone's city limits, so tw and ta activities are available as long as there is a marshal willing to be mic.
      and most events will have some kind of those activities, even though being at the bottom of the autocrats  activities list, sometimes gets them scheduled for Sunday morning, after you pack camp, and before noon when everyone is supposed to be offsite : /
      something you might try though before all the missile activities dry up in your area, look into period shoots, dress up the ranges in a period fashion , do the research , and try to convince the regular participants to try to dress period for their persona's , hog tie... um.... bribe a herald or two to announce when activities are happening, who's shooting, how they are doing, etc . use as much period gear as you can . enter your research and hand crafted bows , quivers, arm guards , bow benches , etc . in a & s . in other words create an interest for those who don't know how exciting a missile tourney can be .
      how many laurels in your area know which tree to harvest for the best bows ? when to harvest them ? how long to season them ? how to straighten a twisted stave ? how to make a bow from that stave? with what tools ? modern ? or period ?
      can they hand make period arrow points ? im not a laurel by any form of delirium , but I can answer / do all those things / questions and more , so why cant the laurels, entice them to learn, and learning is best done first hand.
      we've been lucky in ansteorra I guess, as most of our crowns , and several of our landeds have at least a small interest in missile activities , many of them participate as time allows, so they try to be very above board , and fair .
      you always have the option of voting with your feet.
      if an event isn't going to have any of the activities I like, or if they are going to happen, but are so one sided, or convoluted, as to be absurd, I simply save my site fees, my feast fees, and my gas money, for events that will have those activities, and at least attempt to be balanced.
      some people feel that the sca is just a big party thrown for heavy fighters and everyone else is just there for window dressing , and to pay the bills.
      I cant agree with that.
      I think all sca activities have a place in the sca, and all are needed equally , especially in these financially troubled times.
      there are those who believe that target archery and thrown weapons are merely " fun " " easy " pastimes for those not manly enough to fight , that they are in no way " fighting tools " and that armor has always stayed ahead of weapons tech , but again , I disagree .
      but when the people who make the rules would rather lean things in favor of their chosen portion of the activities , instead of towards all the activities ,you get events designed for fighters and fighter bunnies . nothing anyone can do about it except vote with their feet .
      sorry so long, im up way past my bed time , and the meds are definitely taking advantage ; )
      Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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      From: Kirby
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      Subject: [SCA-Archery] archery during events


      I wasnt to pose a question to everyone. There seems to be a growing trend from autocrats when holding events in my kingdom of making Live weapons and archery a very low consideration. It is upsetting because the fighting groups always are given first thought when planning tournaments for them during events but live weapons is becoming a complete after thought. Anyone have suggestions where maybe this can be reversed? I dont have much of a voice in my barony our kingdom only being a baronial yeoman not yet marshalled, i am in training.

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    • Allan Bluehood of Woods End
      I feel that it s not about the external awards and tokens that you get, it s about the internal satisfaction. I happen to know someone who spent twenty years
      Message 51 of 51 , Apr 15, 2010
        I feel that it's not about the external awards and tokens that you get, it's about the internal satisfaction. I happen to know someone who spent twenty years as an SCA member (that's right 20) before getting an AoA. He had served as a Baronial archery captain for several years, run a few shoots at other events, was an archery champion of at least one territory and autocratted at least one archery tournament. After all that, he still wasn't sure that he deserved the award. Obviously he was having fun doing all this and likely felt that that fun was enough reward.
        Thus have I seen...
        -Allan Bluehood-

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        > is really is not about what you do it is about who notices and who write
        > the letters to the crown. I was in the SCA for over 10 years before I
        > received my AoA, I change the way the kingdom looked at and did horses
        > in that time. And when called into court I got a standing ovation .The
        > queen's commit "was look around I don't think I need to say anything more"
        > Damales Redbeard O.L.
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