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  • John edgerton
    I will be running a target archery competition for period style crossbows at this Estrella War. The competition will be in four rounds, each will be based
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      I will be running a target archery competition for  period style crossbows at this Estrella War.  The competition will be in four rounds, each will be based upon a period style shoot.  It will be held on Saturday at 2:30 at the archery range and will last for about one hour. 

      See the IKAC rules for the definition of period crossbows that will be used for the competition. 

      Please forward this information on to any interested archers in your area. 

      Sir Jon 
      Fitz-Rauf, West


        The competition will have no timed ends.  The scoring area of the targets will be small.  However, due to the size of the range, it will not be possible to have distances greater than 40 yards.  The crossbows may be shot from any position and may be directly supported.  No front sights.  Otherwise, crossbows should conform to the IKAC standards for period crossbows.  Modern style crossbows may shoot in the competition, but may not compete in the final round for the prize. 

      The first round is the Ring Shoot based upon a medieval competition from Ferrara, Italy.   Each archer will loose three arrows at the ring.  If at least one arrow did not strike within the ring, the archer is eliminated from that competition.  One point for each arrow within the ring. When all the archers have shot, the ring is removed and replaced by a smaller ring.  This continues until only the winner remains.  

      The second round is the Contona Shoot.  This has a scoring area with four concentric circles, from four to one points.  Around this center are two outer rings divided into six equal areas, like a dart board.  However, your hits to these areas score from one to two negative points and there are two areas where if hit, you lose your next turn.  Six ends of one bolt.  This is based on the competition in the Italian City of Contona which is developed from a shoot done there in medieval times. 

      The third round is the Roundel Shoot.  Your bolts must hit within the roundel  to score.  Three ends of two bolts. One point per hit.  This is pretty much the standard medieval competition.

      The fourth round is a shoot off between the top scoring archers. The one bolt closest to the center of the roundel target wins.  One end of two bolts. 

      All archers will receive a hand made pewter coin commemorating forty years of SCA target archery.  There will be a prize for the first place winner.  

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