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"A Cavalier's Picnic"

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  • cahyorack1978
    Greetings to all from the Shire of Bordergate, Soon the Shire of Bordergate will be having a wonderful event, our annual Theme Feast, which, this year is : A
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2009
      Greetings to all from the Shire of Bordergate,

      Soon the Shire of Bordergate will be having a wonderful event, our annual Theme Feast, which, this year is : "A Cavalier's Picnic" (October 24, 2009)

      THE MENU

      "Cavalier's Picnic"

      HL Marcus Wynniatt has come out of retirement to once more cook up a culinary delight for the populace. Based on the popular picnics of European royalty and peers, we present you with a buffet style meal which will feature a dish from several countries.

      Soup - Sopa de Pollo con Fideos. A favourite, savory chicken soup from our travels on the Iberian peninsula. Served with angel hair pasta and guaranteed to warm you on those chilly nights.

      Salad - Insalate Mista di Giorno. A Medici family favourite. Crisp, fresh greens to cleanse and please the palate.

      Salmon - Nordzee Zalm. The Wednesday night special at our young friend, Rembrandt's boarding house. North Sea Salmon dressed in the chef's special way with a tangy sauce.

      Pork - Echine de Porc Bourree par riz de pomme. Nostrodamus' mom's recipe. Melt in your mouth pork over a delectable apple rice, the perfect compliment.

      Chicken - Chicken Pye. A simple recipe from Walsingham's chef. Hearty chicken and vegetables, swimming in thick gravy and baked in a golden, flaky crust.

      Beef - Stuffed Dumplings. Compliments of the renowned explorer Marco Polo. Pop in your mouth dumplings stuffed with beef and spices. Not too spicy, not too mild.

      Dessert - Trifle from England's table and Profiteroles from the French Court. Leave room for the dessert! Good old English Trifle, layer upon layer of sinful fresh fruit goodness, cake and whipping cream. French profiteroles, a cream puff pastry filled with a sweet filling.

      Assorted Breads and Butters will be available on the tables as well.


      The feast reserve list will be limited to 120 people, and reservations will be taken up to the 10th of October only, as much preparation will be needed by our feastocrat to prepare for the delicacies to come. When reserving, please also pass along any food allergies that you may have.

      HL Rhowyn the Bard also has a message for all those planning to attend:

      "Come one and all Cavaliers to try your skills and prowess at our Theme Feast's Cavalier Challenge. This will be a series of five separate fun games, each one depicting an aspect of what it means to be a Cavalier."

      Any and all are most welcome to partake of these games, be you a cavalier at the moment, or an aspiring one, a great time is sure to be had by all!!

      Note: the games will be limited to people 18 years of age and older, due to the nature of the prizes that can be won.

      Bordergate Archery Championship

      Also at this event, the Shire of Bordergate will be choosing their first EVER archery Champion, in a target shoot designed by Lord Balinor Buchannah.

      Fear not, those not able to vie for this local championship, as this tourney is ALSO a prize tourney with several awesome prizes to be won by any who participate, regardless of rank or status, some of which will be awarded not just for skill with a bow.... that any and all rank of archer can walk away with a prize.... and a side tourney as well, one that can be won with a SINGLE arrow!!! But to know more of this, you must come try your luck....... or skill.... whichever you think will work best.


      Should there be enough willing participants, Thomas Alvarez has also graciously offered to run a small rapier tourney as well, for those that are not so inclined to participate in the Shire's championship of arrows.

      *Merchants are welcome – no table fee(please let us know as soon as possible so we can be sure there will be room for your table)

      Site information:

      This event is located at the Riverhurst Hall (there is no street address), 10 km West of Cold Lake on Hwy 55, just follow the SCA signs. RV camping will be available in the parking lot (sorry no hook-ups)
      Limited crash space is available at the hall overnight as well, and soon to follow will be information on Hotel costs and availability for all those attending from out of town.

      Feast fee: $15 (16 and up) $7.50 (9 to 15) Free (8 and younger)
      Site fee : $5 NMS fee : $3

      Autocrat : Lady Isabel de Montivilliers (Suzie Ouellette) & her helper Balinor

      5302 44 Street Cold Lake, AB T9M 2B4;

      Phone: 1-780-594-1828 1-780-594-1828

      E-mail: shograph@...
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