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Re: [SCA-Archery] Staffing shoots

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  • obsidian@raex.com
    Greetings ... do the event reports afterward. This person can do the sign-ups and other similar tasks, as well. ... with simple repairs and physical tests of
    Message 1 of 2 , May 26, 2009
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      ----- 1 Marshal-in-Charge, to supervise overall, and
      do the event reports afterward. This person can do the sign-ups and other
      similar tasks, as well.
      ----- 1 inspection marshal, who can also help
      with simple repairs and physical tests of tackle. An extra marshal or two
      here wouldn't be amiss, if you can find 'em.
      ----- 1 marshal per 10
      participants on the line, but a minimum of two line marshals in any case
      (one at each end of the Release line); so, if you have a line of 5, 2
      marshals / a line of 12, 2 marshals / a line of 26, 3 marshals, and so on.
      An additional marshal can be designated as a timekeeper for speed shoots,
      or you can use recordings if they can be heard clearly by everyone. A
      further additional marshal may be designated as a scorekeeper and
      recorder, if other arrangements haven't been made, and always assuming you
      have the minimum two line marshals actually watching the field and the
      archers (hint: the MiC can fit scorekeeping into the other paperwork
      aspects quite easily).
      ----- As many instruction marshals as you can
      find conveniently and they aren't otherwise occupied - if you think you
      can provide  one per two students, well enough.
      ----- Several
      marshals who have experience in or authorization for Youth activities
      would be helpful. You don't describe the physical range, but if you have
      more than one range, designating a practice range and/or a Youth range
      helps. Remember the general rule of a minimum of two line marshals per
      separate line or range.
      ----- However many MiTs you can rope in to
      assist and be trained throughout the day.

      All the foregoing are
      basically Pennsic standards, modified just a tad. I was archocrat for P
      31, 32, 33, 34, so I'm quite familiar with large masses of archers of all
      skill levels drifting onto a range at all hours of the day

      Baron Nigel FitzMaurice

      On Tue, May 26, 2009
      5:20 pm, Saethryth Seolforlocc wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am looking for suggestions  on how many people and marshals
      are needed
      > to run a shoot with 50 archers of all abilities
      (never shot before, to
      > very experienced).  My challenges
      are: I never know what the proportion of
      > newcomers to
      experienced is going to be; and people tend to arrive
      > throughout
      the day. 
      > I'm thinking of:
         1 person to do "lists" (sign ups for various
      >    1 archer to do on-the-spot repairs ir
      adjustments (last weekend
      > we did numerous dental-floss string
      nocks, 2 string servings, 3
      > spine-testings, 1 bow-poundage
      measurement, 2 metal string nock
      > adjustments)
         1 marshal to do safety inspections
      >    1
      marshal to call the archers and run the range.
      -->  1 marshal to do instruction per 2 inexperienced adults and/or
      >    Plus:  1 marshal-in-the-box to call time
      so the real marshal can watch
      > what the shooters are doing.
      >  Does this seem reasonable? 
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      non fundamentum pro formula administrationis est."

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