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Re the schedule

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  • agincort@juno.com
    Mind you, I am not the scheduler. The schedule , as posted so far, is below. I can only infer, from what I read. I expect the days that have War Points for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2009
      Mind you, I am not the scheduler. The 'schedule', as posted so far, is
      I can only infer, from what I read. I expect the days that have War
      Points for archery may be long, but that negotiation is not in my hands.
      I assume a possible 9A-7P - but that is between the 'war lords/generals'.
      I do expect there will be plenty of practice time available the first
      week, probably from Tuesday, and the Monday/Wednesday/Friday of war week,
      though by Friday it won't affect war points. There may be no practice on
      war point days, but that is only a guess, depending on the ranges at the
      new site, and that's yet to be fully laid out. If it's possible, it will
      War week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday should have a number of 'novelty
      shoots', many with prizes.
      More specific times will be available as they are agreed to by the
      Since there is a Pennsic book this all wants to be in, it should be
      sorted out soon.
      Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe
      Midrealm Forester - OP
      co-Novelty shoot coordinator Pennsic 38
      "- bows of carved wood strong for use, with well-seasoned strings of
      hemp, and arrows sharp-pointed whizzing in flight."
      Greetings All,

      HRH Andreas of the East and I have completed the primary Negotiations for
      Pennsic 38, and agreed to post the battle schedule early.

      The events will start on Sunday with Champions Battles, unbelted, belted,
      rapier champs, archery champs and allied champs.

      Monday will be a River Battle, Gate battle, Rapier gate battle.

      Tuesday will have field battles. After 2 Fields, the armies will stop,
      mini ceremony stuff will occur, and then the Mid and East will join sides
      against the Allies and three more fields to occur.

      Wed will be a none point day. This will be a great day to schedule the
      larger tourneys and other activities you all like to do. Such as the
      Battle of 30, Lost Boys Battle, unbelts tourney, etc..

      Thursday will be a woods battle, with Mobile banners for heavy and the
      rapier woods with additional rules.

      Friday will be more belted and unbelted champs (East and Mid Teams
      against the world) and a great battle called Helm's Deep, engineered by
      His Highness of the Midrealm.

      There should be more fighting than anyone can shake a (rattan) stick at.

      Target archery on the B-Blocks will have days for practice, novelty
      and then shooting the populace point on Tuesday in the traditional part
      of Pennsic, and then again on Thursday for the New style war.

      Point conventions - All activities will add up to one point a day. This
      everyone's activities count toward the resolution of the war to the very
      end. The war will not be over till Friday.

      Keeping the sides even- Our agreement will keep us within 50 fighters
      difference. This will keep the quality of the fighting high throughout
      the war.

      It is important for everyone to understand that these 2 style wars are
      both wars. They are going to be fought for victory on both sides.

      Putting this together with HRH Icefalcon went quite smoothly and was a
      experience. My Princess and I look forward to Pennsic 38 with joy in Our
      hearts and with the knowledge we will make many new friendships, from all
      over the Known World.

      Tell your friends, remind your kin, this years war will be excellent and
      one that you will not want to miss.

      TRH's EikBrandr and Runa
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