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  • Tyr vonWolfsberg
    Lorenzo, There are at least two, maybe 3 reports from the Outlands missing. I ve contacted our Scorekeeper Constanza about them and she will be getting them to
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 3, 2009

      There are at least two, maybe 3 reports from the Outlands missing.
      I've contacted our Scorekeeper Constanza about them and she will be
      getting them to you before the 15th.

      At least two of the reports will make a difference in the rankings. A
      couple of our crossbow archers got hot late in our outside range season!

      Deputy Archer General of the Outlands (Northern region)

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Andre Detommaso <detomamd@...> wrote:
      > Greetings from Lorenzo, Keeper of the IKAC.
      > The FINAL standings for Season XXXI of the IKAC/IKCAC are as written
      > VERY IMPORTANT: Please read the notes at the end of the scores, they
      detail information about this just-concluded season, and SUBSTANTIAL
      changes for the upcoming Season XXXII, which starts today. I know the
      notes are a little long, but it is very important that you read them
      through the end.
      > The FINAL standings for Season XXXI of the IKAC/IKCAC competition
      are as follows (pending final certifiation on 15 February - please
      read first note below):
      > Open division
      > ---------
      > 1. AETHELMEARC: 292; Laochlain Sylverwulf: 359; Christopher
      Silverwolf: 272; Gwyilym or Afonydd Tair: 245;
      > 2. AN TIR: 270.6; Andras the Truemark: 289; Gareth Stringbreaker:
      269; Alis inghean Ruaidhri: 254;
      > 3. CALONTIR: 247.3; Otto Graubart: 251; Daniel Arrownock: 251; Leif
      of Crescent Moon: 240;
      > 4. EAST: 230.3; Rupert the Unbalanced: 262; Nest verch Tangwistel:
      253; Robert Howry of Morninghorpe: 176;
      > 5. ANSTEORRA: 224.3; Sam of Northkeep: 240; Cian Rhys Gravenor: 218;
      Robin of Northkeep: 215;
      > 6. WEST: 215.6; Wolfric Hammerfestning: 263; Sveinn Uilfsson: 208;
      Mark vondem Falkenstemm: 176;
      > 7. MERIDIES: 212; Ronan MacMorton: 303; Sean McGarrow: 180;
      Guillamue Sinclair: 153;
      > 8. LOCHAC: 211; Darius J'Fa: 215; Khorvash Zareed: 214; Llwyd ap
      Madog: 204;
      > 9. TRIMARIS: 210; Erika Bjornsdottir: 252; Aesa: 190; Guenwhyvar: 188;
      > 10. ATLANTIA: 205.6; Timothy of Shaftesbury: 225; Barry of Roxbury
      Mills: 214; Albrecht von Reith: 178;
      > 11. EALDORMERE: 205; Dafydd ap Sion: 234; Augustyn von Brixen: 194;
      Edhan Debrus: 187;
      > 12. ARTEMISIA: 195; Arthen ap Rhun: 212; Ryryd ap Gwerstan: 205;
      Francisco Digrazzi: 168;
      > 13. NORTHSHIELD: 181.6; Robin Arthur Kyrke: 228; Dirk von der Kruis:
      164; Siegound Eisenhaut: 153;
      > 14. MIDREALM: 167.3; James Cunningham: 219; Erik Erikson the Scout:
      205; Seonaid inghean Domnial: 78;
      > 15. ATENVELDT: 155.6; Johan of Hawksley: 194; Alaxandar mac
      Donnaidh: 144; Solomon Kogan: 129;
      > 16. OUTLANDS: 141.3; Oengus of Greymist: 181; Costanza Marina de
      Huelva: 122; Lochlain: 121;
      > 17. DRACHENWALD: 71.6; Tapio Toivanpoika: 78; Torkkei: 74; Kertu
      Roisko: 63;
      > 18. GLEANN ABHANN: no average; Kolr Bogsveigir: 215; Kenneth
      MacAndrews: 189;
      > 19. CAID: no average; Gemma Evangelista Borgia: 200; Brighid ni
      Muirenn: 112;
      > Period division
      > ---------
      > 1. AN TIR: 180; Alaricus Simmonds: 266; Kenneth of Shaftesbury: 138;
      Daffydd De Donke: 136;
      > 2. OUTLANDS: 153.3; Rand the Tracker: 178; Stephan Sorenson: 146;
      Druid Aukring: 136;
      > 3. LOCHAC: 144.6; Ysabella Vitale: 164; Sebastian Greenbow: 142;
      Sabine d'Antan: 128;
      > 4. CALONTIR: 136; Michael vanBergen: 140; Odd Bjornson: 138; Michael
      de Lundie: 130;
      > 5. ANSTEORRA: 127.3; Lawrence of Namron: 136; Leofwine on
      Sumersaeton: 126; Ekaterina Iadorovna Kharlampieva: 120;
      > 6. WEST: no average; Angus MacDonald: 234; Joseph de la Tour: 123;
      > 7. EAST: no average; Iulianiia Trieskova: 146; Lienhart Fischer von
      Torum: 128;
      > 8. ATENVELDT: no average; Johan of Hawksley: 122; Phillip the
      Skeptic: 100;
      > 9. MIDREALM: no average; James Cunningham: 138;
      > 10. DRACHENWALD: no average; Rakonczay Gergely: 118;
      > 11. GLEANN ABHANN: no average; Uilleam MacUileam: 94;
      > 12. ATLANTIA: no average; Tomas Tryggvarson: 24;
      > Open Crossbow division
      > ---------
      > 1. MIDREALM: 260.3; James Cunningham: 307; Erik Erikson the Scout:
      240; Elspeth MacGregor: 234;
      > 2. CALONTIR: 225.3; Rolf Hobart: 253; Michael vanBergen: 219; Robert
      Dunalastair: 204;
      > 3. ANSTEORRA: 203.3; Karl Thorgeirsson: 217; Padriac of Kilkenny:
      216; Ulrich Von Budigen: 177;
      > 4. AETHELMEARC: 176.3; Brandubh O'Donnghaile: 261; Pearce Redsmythe:
      194; Solveig Throndardottir: 74;
      > 5. ATLANTIA: no average; Gregge the Archer: 348; Jonathas Reinisch:
      > 6. AN TIR: no average; David of Tiriane: 301; Kenneth of
      Shaftesbury: 185;
      > 7. OUTLANDS: no average; Daffyd of Emmett: 246; Cadfarch ap Nir
      Caerleon: 234;
      > 8. EALDORMERE: no average; Gunther: 177; Aodhan: 143;
      > Period Crossbow division
      > ---------
      > 1. CALONTIR: 264; Dolan Madoc: 290; Rolf Hobart: 254; Michael
      vanBergen: 248;
      > 2. OUTLANDS: 233.3; Mika Longbow: 292; Daffyd of Emmett: 210; Connal
      Mac an Druidgh: 198;
      > 3. ANSTEORRA: 184.6; Padriac of Kilkenny: 254; Frederic De la
      Costas: 162; Ulrich Von Budigen: 138;
      > 4. MIDREALM: no average; James Cunningham: 292; Elspeth MacGregor: 168;
      > 5. ATENVELDT: no average; Owen Blackshepe: 194; Steffen von der
      Grun: 180;
      > 6. ATLANTIA: no average; Gregge the Archer: 326;
      > 7. AETHELMEARC: no average; Brandubh O'Donnghaile: 288;
      > IKCAC
      > ----------
      > 1. AN TIR: 293.3; Deicyn Moel: 340; Coriander: 274; Lahela: 266;
      > 2. CAID: 153; Garrett O'Doherty: 169; Gemma Evangelista Borgia: 147;
      Drusus Von Ausburg: 143.
      > 3. MIDREALM: 87.7; Erik Erikson the Scout: 119; James Cunningham:
      112; Constanca Daguiar: 32.
      > 4. WEST: no average; Joseph de la Tour: 157.
      > Children division
      > ---------
      > 2. ANSTEORRA: 77; Phoenix Thorne: 118; Patrick of Gate's Edge: 71;
      Christiana De La Costas: 42;
      > 4. LOCHAC: 28.3; Philippe of Southroun Gaard: 40; Gryffen
      Bladesmith: 23; Gryffen Bladesmythe: 22;
      > 1. AETHELMEARC: no average; Layla of Gryffon's Keep: 265; Colin of
      Gryfyyns Keep: 199;
      > 3. ATENVELDT: no average; Brandan: 137; Seraphina of Hawksley: 49;
      > 5. ATLANTIA: no average; William Alricsson: 31;
      > Youth division
      > ---------
      > 1. Douglas Silverwolf(AETHELMEARC): 318;
      > 2. Seraphina of Hawksley(ATENVELDT): 49;
      > 3. Edric Alricsson(ATLANTIA): 30;
      > KEEPER's AWARD
      > --------------
      > 1) Baron Jonathas from Atlantia for his iniative and work in setting
      up the facilities to allow scores to be entered directly on-line.
      > 2) Nest from East for his continued work with IKAC and children
      > 3) Sir Erika from Trimaris for her constant work on behalf of the
      IKAC in Trimaris
      > -------------------
      > - Season XXXI (2008)
      > 1) Clearly this final posting is very late. For that I apologize
      profusely. The reasons are many and varied and known to some of you,
      but a substantial reason is paradoxically positive, i.e. thousand+
      submissions since October which have taken a long long time for me to
      enter. The good news is that this issue is being actively handled as
      we speak, more on this later.
      > ALL the scores received for ALL archers in ALL divisions are posted
      on the website ( http://www.detommaso.org/ikac ). Please review them,
      and let me know of any issues and/or errors. The scores will be
      certified on 15 February, so it is possible that some of the standings
      may change until then. The medallions for the winners will be
      available the first week of March. After 15 February, please contact
      me if you are a winner, or can handle medallions for the winner
      > - Season XXXII (2009)
      > 1) As mentioned earlier, I expect that data entry and reporting will
      be much easier going forward, freeing me to concentrate on managing
      the competition and the non on-line entries. Thanks to Baron Jonathas,
      who initiated the idea of using his portal for on-line submission and
      contacted me about it, I hope that the majority of scores in the
      coming season will be entered through the on-line form. Over the past
      several weeks we have been working to develop and expand the portal
      that currently allows some Kingdoms to enter scores through the online
      form for all archers to all Kingdoms for the IKAC. There are still a
      few issues to be worked out, but the expectation is that this will be
      available to all archers very shortly, and all appropriate links will
      be posted on the IKAC
      > web site. The Excel spreadsheet and snail-mail submission will still
      be accepted, of course. More details on this as it develops, and
      again, heartfelt thanks to Baron Jonathas for his initiative and hard
      work with his Multi-Kingdom scorekeeping website. That this is
      possible is totally a tribute to his initiative, skill and resources.
      > 2) CHANGES: Time has come to make some changes, in the interest of
      the competition. They are as follows:
      > - CHILDREN Division is now limited to children 10 years or younger
      > - YOUTH division is for children aged 10-13
      > - BOTH divisions will use the formerly CHILDREN division shorter
      distances (10,15,20 yards, instead of 20,30,40).
      > - Children 14 or older will compete in the regular divisions at
      regular distances.
      > - The CHILDREN and YOUTH Divisions were always meant ONLY to help
      children get interested and started in archery and put in the time to
      start developing their skills. As I had specifically mentioned in the
      rules, children who already shoot at the level of adults should be
      shooting in the main divisions. For the most part this has worked, but
      there have been some exceptions. In the interest of the competition,
      starting this year, I will be enforcing this last point. Scores for
      the Children and Youth divisions will be limited to 200 or below.
      Also, I don't want to get multiple scores that all hover around 200.
      Those scores will be rejected. Marshals, please understand the goal of
      these divisions, they are meant to encourage children to get started
      and develop. I thank you in advance for your assistance on this.
      > - VERY HIGH SCORES: Without question, throughout the years by far
      the most unpleasant part of being Keeper has been dealing with the
      flood of emails that very high scores have generated from others.
      > Having run the competition since 2000, and having 15000+ scores in
      my database, I can pretty much chart the progress of the archers of
      the SCA at large, and that of any individual archer who has ever shot
      an IKAC. But lately this matter has become worse, and it is my
      strongly held belief that the constant doubting of scores is damaging
      to the competition, because it generates the feeling that not everyone
      is playing by the same rules. As proof I can offer the many letters
      that I have received from archers who have written to me saying they
      are no longer shooting the IKAC for this very reason. So this must be
      addressed, and it will be addressed.
      > Although I firmly believe in the honor system that is at the heart
      of most of the SCA's competitions, clearly something has to be done to
      restore and/or strengthen everyone's belief that the IKAC is an open
      and level playing field. Therefore, even though going forward most
      scores will be entered on-line, I will review each score before I
      allow them to be posted. I reserve the right to reject any score for
      any reason. I don't expect to reject anything if all goes well, but I
      may contact individual archers to get more information regarding
      individual scores if they are well outside the mean.
      > In the end, I personally guarantee to each and every archer in the
      SCA that everyone in the competition is playing by the same rules, and
      my guarantee will include personal observation, wherever required. So
      going forward you can safely assume that if a score is posted, it
      deserves to be there.
      > I welcome your input on this, feel free to contact me at ikac@... if
      you have any comments or questions on this.
      > Finally, thank you to everyone for your continued participation in
      the IKAC/IKCAC. This year was above average, and I hope that with the
      new on-line form, we will grow even more. Unfortunately, my mundane
      work prevents me from keeping up with the boards, therefore please
      send any questions or comments directly to ikac@..., or detomamd@...
      > Shoot well,
      > - Lorenzo
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