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Re: Pennsic Populace War Points and HRH announcement

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  • agincort@juno.com
    ... with ... It will be essential that the new schedules will be agreed on early enough to get the word out both before and during Pennsic. The flagpole will
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2008
      > The suggestions of posting shooting schedules in the PI daily
      > is but one of the proposals being brought forward. Arrangements for
      > a relay system for the "Range Open" Flag are already being negotiated,
      > a flag post to be in place near Inspection Point on the Main
      > Battlefield.
      > Padraig

      > And posted at Information Point.
      > Llywelyn (Mark Cipra)

      > John and Carol Atkins wrote:
      > To that end, last year I stopped in the PI office and
      > asked them what I needed to do to become one of their reporters with
      > a specific focus on archery.

      It will be essential that the new schedules will be agreed on early
      enough to get the word out both before and during Pennsic.
      The flagpole will be used by the MICs coming and going, and fliers will
      be out, and the PI will be used.
      On Another Note:
      TRHs Middle and East have agreed to adjust the format of the War
      somewhat. Some of the War will be in the traditional format.
      Some will feature the Middle and East against the rest of the Knowne
      When we figure out how to score that...


      Greetings to the Known World from Andreas and EikBrandr, Prinz of the
      and Prince of the Midrealm-

      We have an exciting announcement concerning Pennsic War this year. As the
      of the upcoming Pennsic War, we have been working diligently to come up
      a war that EVERYONE can get behind. A war that will include everyone from
      every Kingdom of the Known World, and where every point will count .
      Every year we
      talk of annual enemies and eternal friends. It is our goal to make this a
      reality this year. To this end, We invite you all to a great contest of

      So what is different from years past? This will be a two part war, the
      being the traditional style where the Midrealm and their allies will pit
      strength of arms against The East and it's allies. And then at one point
      the war, determined by Us, the Tiger and the Dragon will unite to stand
      by side and take on the rest of the Known World! It will require the rest
      our allies to unite and test their Generals, warriors, fencers, and
      against the might of the new Pennsic Alliance.

      It is our common goal to ensure that everyone has a good time this year,
      to be able to test their skills of war in a fun and friendly environment.
      most important point is not that one side wins, but that the fight is
      fought, close, and exciting for all.

      While working together to make this great gathering a success, We have
      that We are very much of the same mind. We have been building a strong
      friendship between each other and know that Our Kingdoms will grow closer
      the end of this war. We will have the opportunity to fight side by side
      many of our old friends and then have the pleasure of seeing them across
      the field.
      By combining our two armies, the East and the Midrealm will build
      stronger ties
      that will strengthen our eternal friendship.

      Due to the economy, we recognize that everyone is making hard decisions
      which events to attend. We appreciate our populaces for choosing to
      Pennsic War. We aspire to make your vacation choice an enjoyable
      that will have many good memories for years to come. We hope you will
      join us
      this year at war and bring many of your friends and family along to enjoy
      it with

      In Service to the Dream-

      Prince EikBrandr --- Midrealm and East United ------ Prinz Andreas
      Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe
      Midrealm Forester - OP
      Novelty shoot coordinator Pennsic 38
      "- bows of carved wood strong for use, with well-seasoned strings of
      hemp, and arrows sharp-pointed whizzing in flight."
      Criminal Lawyers - Click here.
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