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  • 'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Mirywoder Lutre
    I d like very much to know if anyone has a pattern for the type of super portable lightweight folding crossbucks we use at Lilies War and King s Companie of
    Message 1 of 15 , Oct 13, 2008
      I'd like very much to know if anyone has a pattern for the type of super
      portable lightweight folding crossbucks we use at Lilies War and King's
      Companie of Archers. I've asked around but so far, crickets chirping.
      Anyone out of kingdom know what I'm referring to and where I might find
      a pattern? It's a wonderful thing.. all one piece, no latches, or
      hooks, or slots, or anything... it locks itself just by it's design when
      it's unfolded... made entirely out of lightweight 2"x2"s I believe.

      I had good luck at our event this weekend with two nice sawhorses (that
      I stained so they looked a little nicer than just sawhorses), and two
      2"x2"s that I lashed to the ends (had to dig deep for the old Boy Scout
      knowledge). Added a bit of stained crap plywood at one end for a 3' x
      2' flat surface for resting mugs, bug and sun spray, score clipboards,
      loaner gloves and bracers and the like, and then put a few screws in
      around the edges and wrapped them with thin strips of duct tape to make
      them look a little nicer and padded for people to hang quivers and such
      from. At a suggestion from one of our laurels, I'm going to add a
      couple of short lengths of 2x2 closer together somewhere in the mix so
      that crossbows can be placed butt down between them and be supported by
      resting the string on the 2x2s. Might even be worth getting out a
      router or a 2" sanding drum and adding some soft crenelations so that
      the rests begin to look like 'ocean' props in stage plays.

      Rusty McMillan wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > As the one who posted the photos and plans, I hope they can be of
      > use. Would anyone who builds this or any other style bow/quiver
      > stand please add photos to the "Ascham" album in the Photos folder,
      > so we can all benifit from your innovations? This should include the
      > indoor furniture style of bow cabinet which originally was called
      > an "Ascham"...I know at least one person was intending to build one
      > of those.
      > Randal
      > --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "i_griffen" <i_griffen@...> wrote:
      >> A couple of years ago I wanted to stop carring an archery box and
      > the
      >> box you discribed. Sooooooooooo........ I took the basic
      > dimensions
      >> of the box and made it wider and added a cabinet with a couple of
      >> draws with a door.
      >> On these boxes I have been able to place 4 handbows on the arms or
      >> place 2 cross bows on it.
      >> If I can find a camera that won't break when I try to use it I'll
      >> take a couple of picture and post them.
      >> IG
      >> --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, <eulenhorst@> wrote:
      >>> No, these are the box style with 4 folding legs. 4 arms fold up
      > to
      >> support 2 bows. The center section
      >>> is so divided to have a part for equipment and two ground quiver
      >> type spaces.
      >>> Carolus
      > ------------------------------------


      // Merry

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