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  • 'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Mirywoder Lutre
    Thanks to William for the pronunciation, and yes indeed James, I ve heard that Kassai uses Mediterraneans draw over thumb draw. A good video but I liken it to
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      Thanks to William for the pronunciation, and yes indeed James, I've
      heard that Kassai uses Mediterraneans draw over thumb draw.

      A good video but I liken it to knife throwers throwing at the lovely
      assistants at carnivals and circuses. These people make a career out of
      what most of us only do a few times a month, and like with aerial
      acrobats, the dangers are more perceived by the public who usually
      doesn't see the protections that are in place and who don't realize the
      degree to which many of the dangers are eliminated by practicing until
      they can do it in their sleep. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that
      Kassai is using a very light weight draw, special targets and special
      arrow heads to minimize injury, but then I also wouldn't be surprised to
      find out he didn't... I've read part of his book and he is quite
      possibly the most arrogant person I've ever come across (justified or not).

      Les Barker**

      * **Roll up, roll up... cried the Ringmaster
      See the man on the flying trapeze
      The one we've just fitted with elastic
      That's him, over there... in the trees.

      "Where's Cosmo, the fairly accurate knife thrower?"
      The girl with the baby said
      Her name was Lucille, they knew Cosmo'd know her
      She still had a knife in her head.

      "He's back there in the procession." said the Ringmaster
      Pointing to an old, half timbered Morris
      It's Cosmo, the fairly accurate knife thrower
      And his lovely assistant, Doris.

      Lucille stormed up to him in anger
      Gave him the baby, he didn't resist
      Shamed by the memory of the night she conceived
      He'd aimed for her sister... and missed.

      Little did she know that the child Cosmo gained
      On that morning's Morris Traveller ride
      Would become the world famous stunt man
      'Evil Shameevil' and his Yammershitty 1- 2- 5

      He grew up a child of the circus
      Rode the Big Dipper, The Dodgems, The Ghost Train
      With 'Cosmo, The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower'
      And his lovely assistant, Elaine.

      Once upon a time, they kept marine mammals
      But everyone was agin' it
      And now the pool stands empty
      There isn't any porpoise in it.

      Evil set the animals free
      'Cos that's what he knew they would wish
      You can't keep animals in cages, these days
      And it never worked that well with the fish.

      And soon he was the star of the circus
      The Morris Traveller still travelling on
      **With 'Cosmo, The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower'
      And his lovely assistant, Yvonne.**

      Poor Cosmo was on the decline
      He was hitting the 'Boddingtons' Loopy Juice
      And in one afternoon... hit two lovely assistants
      Fourpassers by and a migrating Canada Goose.

      But his circus was making a fortune
      And the audiences willingly paid it
      To see Evil leap over thirty 'National Front' members
      And cheered when he never quite made it.

      And before he got out of the ring
      The next act would kill two or three
      **It was 'Cosmo, The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower'
      And his lovely assistant, Marie.**

      And the climax of Evil's career
      Was announced with fanfare and fuss
      He'd leap over 42 motor bikes
      In a corporation, double decker bus.

      It was on the 1- 8- 9 to stockport
      That Evil set out after his dream
      Drove at Seventy five miles an hour down Wellington Road North
      Towards the 'Little Sisters of the Poor' formation motor bike team.

      Some say the big lady on the back seat stood up
      But they found a puncture in the front wheel
      And a knife enscribed,
      * *"To Cosmo, **The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower'
      From his lovely assistant, Lucille.*

      jameswolfden wrote:
      > There are numerous period illustrations for Western European archers
      > shooting longbows with the arrows held in the bowhand. I have tried
      > it but can only seem to hold about three arrows comfortably. I found
      > I could get those arrows off faster then I could from a hip quiver
      > once I trained myself out of reaching for arrows in the hip quiver.
      > But since there was still time left in the timed end, I would have
      > to go back to the hip quiver and now the brain was getting mixed
      > signals and the body was confused. Overall speed was about the same
      > as just going with a hip qiver.
      > I think Kassai shoots with a three finger release and not a thumb
      > release. Here is video from Youtube that I found interesting with
      > regards to the comments about spectators being close the target. Try
      > to get this approved by your Kingdom Archery Marshall.
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZJjsVvqofA&feature=related
      > James
      > --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, atruemark@... wrote:
      >> I routinely shoot with a bare thumb on medium weight bows...that
      > would be in
      >> the 40-50 lb range. I prefer this technique off my Grozer
      > asymmetric limb
      >> hun bow because of its length, but have done it off shorter bows
      > as well. I
      >> haven't even come close to mastering the arrows in the bow hand
      > technique, but
      >> already I can tell you it's wicked quick.
      >> A quick check of my sources doesn't reveal anything period for the
      > arrow
      >> holding technique, but I'll continue to look into it.
      >> Andras
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      // Merry

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