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EKU War Collegium

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    Just thought I would pass this on to all my archery brothers and sisters out there. Ladey Chyldeluve de Norfolk - Iron Bog - East Kingdom I d like to take a
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      Just thought I would pass this on to all my archery brothers and sisters out there.
      Ladey Chyldeluve de Norfolk - Iron Bog - East Kingdom

      I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that we are a week away from
      the EKU War Collegium, http://www.eastking dom.org/event- detail.html? eid=1617
      taking place in the Barony of Iron Bog.

      Also taking place at this event is first Southern Regional Fencing

      The tentative class schedule is below. Please come out for a weekend of
      martial activities, knowledge advancement, and general comradery.

      Thrown Weapons
      Range will be open Friday - Sunday

      Class Schedule not complete

      EQ 101 How to be an informed Equestrian - Lady Catherine the Other

      Open Seige Field

      SE 101 Siege Safety Class - Hrelgar

      SE 102 Siege Combat Tactics - Hrelgar

      SE 201 Siege Bolt Construction Workshop - Hrelgar

      RA 101 Italian Rapier: Wards and Attacks - Lorenzo Gorla

      MTR 101 Melee tactics, the basics - Vettorio Antonello

      RA 201 Drills - Malcolm Bowman

      RA102 Effective Demos - Lillia de Vaux
      Many of us take part in demonstrations to the public, but are not aware of
      the planning and fore thought that go into a successful demo. This class
      will cover general planning, Society demo policies, and things to remember
      and avoid when interacting with the public and the venue. It is appropriate
      for anyone involved in planning or participating in demos, and will include
      information specific to the demonstration of the SCA's martial activities

      Ragnar Wolf Memorial Shoot
      Open Range

      MA 101 Mounted Archery (part 1) - Gulugjab Tangghudai
      Learn basic martial drills to train for mounted archery. Develop skills in
      speed shooting, shooting while moving, and other drills conducive to
      shooting from a moving horse. Appropriate for any archery style, Asian or
      European, except crossbows. This will be a hands-on martial art style class.
      Students should be prepared with inspected bow and 4 arrows, and dressed for
      a workout. (part 2 will be conducted at Warrior's Naadam

      AM 101 Making arrows - Naomi bat Avraham

      HIS 101 The Italian Problem: How Italian combat and English culture meshed
      in the 1500's to 1600's. - Lorenzo Gorla

      HIS 102 The Well-Dressed Fencer - Ibrahim al-Rashid
      What is the well-dressed fencer wearing? It depends on where "and when he or
      she is from." We will review historical clothing styles throughout the
      entirely of the SCA period of interest, with special attention to those
      styles which can be adapted for use as fencing "armor" with little or no

      HIS 103 A gentleman's quarrel: dueling across Europe " Lorenzo Gorla

      HIS 205 Five-Minute Battle Histories " Liam St. Liam

      HIS 206 Promoting the Study of Period Combat, Elysabeth Underhill

      SS101 Basic Sword and Shield " Duke Ronald Wilmont

      SS301 Advanced Sword and Shield " Duke Ronald Wilmont

      SP101 Fighting with a Spear - Count Syr Gryffith

      MT 101 Mele Tactics - Duke Andreas Eisfalke

      MT 102 Command and Weapons use in melee - Sir Albrecht Von Halstern

      MT 103 Mongol Combat Tactics - Gulugjab Tangghudai
      Learn various battlefield tactics used by 13th century Mongol armies and
      their applications to an SCA melee. Students should be prepared in armor

      MMA 101 SCA Mixed Martial Arts - Sir Tanaka Raiko

      MMA 102 Bridge Tactics - Sir Albrecht Von Halstern

      MMA 103 Combined Arms Team on the SCA Battlefield - Baron Sir Manfred von

      Armoring The Novice - James Hawk Galloway
      This class is the step after recruiting a new fighter. Putting them in
      simple safe armor so they will want to come back again AND work on their own
      armor. Armor samples will be available.

      YC 101 Youth Fighter Program " Getting Started " - Ellesbeth Donofrey

      YC 103 Youth Marshals - Sir. Corwyn

      YC 102 Youth events and practices - Ellesbeth Donofrey

      YC 300 Transitional youths into Heavy weapons - roundtable discussion -

      YC 201 Body Mechanics - Sir Tanaka and Nicola

      YC 104 Making Weapons - staff

      YC 105 Novice Combat Skill Building - Syr Gryffith

      YC 202 Skill Building Int/Adv - Syr Gryffith

      YC 302 Melee Tactics - staff

      YC 301 Tactics for Melee " roundtable discussion - staff

      YC 210 Single Sword Theory - Sir Tanaka

      YC 211 Misc Weapons Forms - staff

      A&S / Misc / Health and Safety
      The Care and Feeding of Fighters and Fencers - Ibrahim al-Rashid
      This is a class for both fighters/fencers and those who take care of them.
      Come have a discussion with a Mentor Chirurgeon and modern physician about
      what it takes to keep fighers in the game and away from the Chirurgeons.

      SCA Songs of War - Liam St Liam

      War Songs: Funny You Should Ask Liam St Liam

      The Very Butcher of a Silk Button: The Rapier in Elizabethan England -
      Elysabeth Underhill

      First Aid For Fighters - James Hawk Galloway
      What if your opponent/team mate has a problem, what should you do about it
      while waiting for the Chirurgeons or an Ambulance. How to protect your
      buddys armor from the trauma shears, and how to help non-fighters help your

      Southern Region Rapier Championship
      Ragnar Wolf Memorial Archery Shoot

      SATURDAY EVENING 7:30 - 9:00 PM
      Find your partner and gather up your points¦ one heavy and one rapier
      fighter will be partnered in points only. Go into the pit, defeat your
      combatant and add up the points. There will be one winning team with some very nice prizes!

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