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Fw: Shamely plug Aaquelle Defender

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  • Susanna
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
      > Greetings Good Gentles of the list,
      > If you are still packed from Outlandish and dread unloading...just DON'T!
      > Grab a few munchies, get some fresh ice and join the Shire of Aarquelle
      > weekend as we celebrate our 15th Defender, June 2,3 & 4! We will have in
      > and out of Shire winners for heavy weapons, fencing, archery, A&S classes
      > and competition, and we will choose our on-and-off field flowers of
      > chivalry. Children will also be entertained and young and old alike will
      > enjoy ping pong crossbow! There will also be a torchlight Bardic
      > competition Saturday night. Our Shire has stockpiled many wondrous
      > items as well and there is also a wench's brawl boffer food tourney
      > for Saturday.
      > So, please come enjoy our gorgeous campsite right off I-25 in Colorado
      > just 25 miles South of Pueblo. We have humongous trees, flush toilets,
      > downright decadent hot showers, complementary toiletries, some
      > a covered Pavillion and lots of hospitality and fun!
      > A&S Classes include:
      > Saturday:
      > Kites (THL Phyllis Meisterssohn)
      > Sign Language (Lady Catelin O' Kelley)
      > Calligraphy (Lady Signy of Stavanger)
      > Bodhran Drumming (Lady Tara)
      > Sunday:
      > Celtic Knotwork (Lady Susanna Mac Lennan) Please bring a
      > drawing compass to learn the Trinity knot. If time, interest & the
      > allow, we can "gold" leaf a bookmark as well. I will have composition leaf
      > available at no charge.
      > Times, dates are subject to change.
      > The A&S Competition will take place on Saturday. Beads will be given to
      > Populace to place in the box or boxes of their favorite works.
      > More details can be found in the Outlandish Herald,
      > or at the Shire's website at http://members.iex.net/~rogers/sca.html
      > or contact myself at susanna@... or the autocrat at
      > Ooops, how on earth did that shameless plug get in there?
      > Susanna :^)
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