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  • Susan Kell
    Greetings! This is very timely, as my lord (Master Li Kung Lo) and Lord Geoffrei St. Alban of Eastwood are preparing for next weekend s championship
    Message 1 of 3 , May 30 10:01 AM
      This is very timely, as my lord (Master Li Kung Lo) and Lord Geoffrei St.
      Alban of Eastwood are preparing for next weekend's championship
      In the East, we have two archery champions, one each for the King and for
      the Queen. Traditionally, the winner of the tournement is declared
      Queen's Champion Archer, and the second-place finisher is the King's
      Champion Archer (although at least once the King's Champion was selected
      by the King, rather than placing second). Also, by tradition, the two
      champions run a tournement the following year to select their successors.
      Each year's tourney bears the style of the champions who run it -- from
      fun and silly, to documentably period. Last year, for instance, there was
      a pirate theme, concluding with a one-on-one elimination shoot of multiple
      unknown distance targets which included flags, cannons, treasure chests, a
      pirate captain, and a large rubber rat. This year, Geoffrei (Queen's
      Champion) and Li (King's) have devised a series of shoots which would all
      be recognizable to the archers of old -- various test of combat, hunting
      and target archery skill.
      Most years, the competition has consisted of a first round for all who
      wish to participate, a second round where the numbers are cut by roughly
      half (sometimes with a separate fun tournement for those who did not
      advance), and then a spectator friendly final round.
      Our annual competition is one that most in the Eastern archery commmunity
      look forward to and practice seriously for. I'm always eager to see what
      the champions have come up with, and I want to shoot well enough to get to
      play all day!
      -- Ygraine
      (who was knocked-out of the final round last year by her lord...)

      On Thu, 25 May 2000 psobaka@... wrote:

      > Could thouse on the list that have a Kingdom archery "champion" give my a
      > discription of an "average" competion? Whether this is done for a single
      > King/Queen or for a year.
      > Ansteorra is picking an archery champion this week end and I would like to
      > know how other Kingdoms do their thing in this regard.
      > Plachoys who some times has to stir things up a bit.
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