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RE: [SCA-Archery] IKAC/IKCAC Season XXX Final Results

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  • James W. Pratt, Jr.
    I do not see the middle kingdom and I know I shot one Peroid IKAC. James Cunningham Greetings from Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the IKAC, The FINAL scores for
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 17, 2008
      I do not see the middle kingdom and I know I shot one Peroid IKAC.

      James Cunningham

      Greetings from Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the IKAC,

      The FINAL scores for Season XXX of the IKAC (2007
      season) are as follows (please note that I am
      accepting corrections until 1/17 as posted on the web
      site, but any new or changed scores will generally NOT
      be accepted, except for special circumstances on a
      case-by-case basis)

      Open division
      1. AN TIR (WINNER - GOLD): 258.6; William Arwemakere:
      269; Alis inghean Ruaidhri: 263; David of Tiriane:
      2. WEST (WINNER - SILVER): 258; Wolfric
      Hammerfestning: 293; Dauid Ap Morgant: 279; Josi de La
      Tour: 202;
      3. LOCHAC: 233.6; Mercurio L'Estranger: 261; Sabine
      d'Antan: 224; Sigmund Spelmann: 216;
      4. CALONTIR: 227.3; Leif of Crescent Moon: 261; Daniel
      Arrownock: 216; Martin: 205;
      5. EAST: 223.3; Cynric The Dabller: 248; Nest verch
      Tangwistel: 222; Robert Howry of Morninghorpe: 200;
      6. MERIDIES: 221; Ronan MacMorton: 278; Sean McGarrow:
      195; Eckhart von Eschenbach: 190;
      7. OUTLANDS: 220; Karl the Piper: 241; Mary
      Champernowne: 216; Ian MacRae: 203;
      8. EALDORMERE: 203.6; Augustyn von Brixen: 251;
      Brendan Hulster: 193; Michael of Brentwood: 167;
      9. GLEANN ABHANN: 173.6; Kolr Bogsveigir: 200; Kenneth
      MacAndrews: 189; Neill Gray: 132;
      10. CAID: 158; Gemma Evangelista Borgia: 188;
      Antoinette Rosaura della Villaverde: 153; Suzanne de
      la Plaine: 133;
      11. ARTEMISIA: 154; Godwin Fitzgilbert: 172; Michael
      the Loud: 162; Eresbet: 128;
      12. TRIMARIS: 143.6; Erika Bjornsdottir: 161; Jennie
      Khara: 154; Helen: 116;
      13. ANSTEORRA: 139.6; Leofwine on Sumersaeton: 169;
      Cian Rhys Gravenor: 141; Aiden of Eldern Hills: 109;
      14. NORTHSHIELD: 132.3; Moira nic Connel: 158; Jois
      Corbet: 125; John Bartholomew: 114;
      15. ATENVELDT: 130.6; Johan of Hawksley: 167; Catlyn
      O' Sullivan: 117; Solomon Kogan: 108;
      16. ATLANTIA: 102.6; Jonathan of Roxbury Mills: 111;
      Gwenhwyvar Ywein: 100; Beinir Thunkarr: 97;
      17. AETHELMEARC: 77.3; Pearce Redsmythe: 123;
      Reyni-Hrefna: 59; Iain Ard mac an Bhaird: 50;
      18. DRACHENWALD: no average; Kertu Roisko: 79;

      Period division
      1. OUTLANDS (WINNER): 199.3; Karl the Piper: 244; Rand
      the Tracker: 242; Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg: 112;
      2. LOCHAC: 189.3; Mercurio L'Estranger: 210; Ysabella
      Vitale: 208; Sabine d'Antan: 150;
      3. AN TIR: 160; Gaston: 196; John MacAndrew: 146;
      Margaret Hamilton: 138;
      4. ATENVELDT: 90.6; Owen Blackshepe: 110; Phillip the
      Skeptic: 108; Analise: 54;
      5. CALONTIR: 88; Michael de Lundie: 110; Odd Bjornson:
      92; Cuilen Kirk: 62;
      6. MERIDIES: no average; Eckhart von Eschenbach: 160;
      7. DRACHENWALD: no average; Rakonczay Gergely: 154;
      8. ATLANTIA: no average; Gregge the Archer: 148;
      9. EAST: no average; Elizabeth Hawkwood: 138;
      10. NORTHSHIELD: no average; John Bartholomew: 102;

      Open Crossbow division
      1. AN TIR (WINNER): 248; David of Tiriane: 306;
      Mikhail Kurganovic: 231; Kenneth of Shaftesbury: 207;
      2. OUTLANDS: 241; Karl the Piper: 271; Ramon the
      Chronoleger: 241; Thomas Halvar: 211;
      3. CALONTIR: 216.3; Dolan Madoc: 268; Rolf Hobart:
      233; Michael vanBergen: 148;
      4. ATENVELDT: no average; Owen Blackshepe: 202;
      5. ANSTEORRA: no average; Michael MacDonnchaid: 142;

      Period Crossbow division
      1. OUTLANDS (WINNER): 284.6; Daffyd of Emmett: 306;
      Karl the Piper: 284; Ingvar Halvarson: 264;
      2. CALONTIR: 204; Dolan Madoc: 260; Rolf Hobart: 232;
      Thomas of Cologne: 120;
      3. AN TIR: 158; Margaret Hamilton: 172; Bjorn
      Kolbjornsson: 168; James Wolfden: 134;
      4. ATENVELDT: 152; Owen Blackshepe: 182; Johan of
      Hawksley: 154; Tibor the Indecisive: 120;
      5. WEST: no average; Jon Fitz Rauf: 224; Josi de La
      Tour: 142;
      6. ANSTEORRA: no average; Karl Thorgeirsson: 74;

      Children division
      1. (WINNER) Seraphina of Hawksley (ATENVELDT): 151;
      2. (WINNER) Adam of Stonemarche (EAST): 114;
      3. (WINNER) Brandan (ATENVELDT): 41;

      Youth division
      1. (WINNER) Connor (CALONTIR): 102;
      2. (WINNER) Kyle of Hawk's Hollow (OUTLANDS): 76;
      2. (WINNER) Colum Castille (LOCHAC): 50;

      1. AN TIR (WINNER): 261; Deicyn Moel: 319; Coriander:
      248; Aonghus: 216;
      2. OUTLANDS: 178.7; Ramon the Chronologer: 207; Angus
      Montgomery: 171; Cadfarch ap Nir Caerleon: 158

      1. (WINNER) Sabine D'Antan (LOCHAC)
      2. (WINNER) Llwyd ap Madog (LOCHAC)
      3. (WINNER) Aleyn Kynyd ap Rhys (GLEANN ABHANN)

      1) Everything was a little late this year. The first
      version of the Final scores were posted on the web
      site on 10 January. I posted a newer version with
      minor corrections on 1/16 (a few archers had changed
      Kingdoms during the year). As stated on the web site,
      if any corrections are required, you have until 1/17
      to submit them. Please note, than in general I will
      NOT accept new or changes to scores,unless for special
      circumstances, which I will evaluate individually.

      2) I would like to sincerely thank all the
      participants in this year's IKAC. As usual, a special
      thanks to those of you who coordinated score
      submissions for your groups or Kingdoms, and to
      everyone else who has arranged to have IKACs shot and

      3) I have a special announcement, and that is that
      along with the medallions for the winners (marked
      above), I am instituting a special "IKAC Keeper's
      Award", to be given to up to three gentles that the
      Keeper recognizes to have displayed exceptional
      support for the IKAC during the past season.
      This year, I would like to recognize Sabine D'Antan
      and Llwyd ap Madog from LOCHAC, for their truly
      remarkable effort organizing and supporting the IKAC
      in the Kingdom of LOCHAC. Through their organization
      and leadership, the Kingdom of Lochac submitted a huge
      amount of scores. This goes along with their superior
      efforts on behalf of archery in Lochac, and I am happy
      to be able to recognize them for their great
      I would also like to recognize Aleyn Kynyd ap Rhys
      from GLEANN ABHANN, for his efforts in using archers'
      IKAC scores for qualifying archers for Gulf Wars (see
      the website for additional information), thereby
      supporting and encouraging the IKAC competition, Gulf
      Wars, and SCA archery. These three gentles will
      receive a special edition medallion as recognition of
      their efforts.
      I will continue this award for future seasons, to
      recognize those of you who give of themselves to
      support the IKAC/IKCAC, and through it encourage
      archery in the SCA. A special thanks for the Combat
      archers of AN TIR and OUTLANDS, for their support of
      the IKCAC. I hope we will continue to see growth in
      the IKCAC. Finally, a sincere thank you to Sir Jon
      Fitz-Rauf, for his ready willingness to support and
      advise, this year as in past years.

      4) As per previous years, I will provide medallions
      for the winners, who are listed above. I understand
      from last year's winners that they liked the new
      medallions very much, and I am happy to confirm that I
      will provide the same medallions this year. These are
      similar to ones pictured on the website, except that
      they are 3-inch medals, each furnished with a
      specially-colored ribbon. They have an archery design
      in the front, and the year and division in the back.
      As last year, Medallions will be provided to both the
      1st (Gold) and 2nd place (Silver) Kingdoms in the Open
      division, and the first-place Kingdom archers in the
      other divisions.
      As usual, I would like to see the winning archers
      recognized for their efforts on behalf of their
      Kingdoms, so if you are a Kingdom Marshal and would
      like to award the medallions to your archers, please
      contact me via email or phone to make arrangements.
      Alternatively, I will send the medallions to the
      individual archers, based on each person's preference.
      If you are a Kingdom Marshal of a winning Kingdom, or
      a winning archer, please contact me with your
      snail-mail information, so that I can send the
      medallions to you. This year I will put the order in
      early, so I expect to award the medallions in the next
      few weeks.

      5) Finally, I would like to sincerely thank all of you
      who took the time to offer your thoughts on the
      proposed changes for next year. Almost a hundred
      archers from practically every Kingdom offered their
      views. Based on everyone's feedback, I am happy to
      confirm that we are keeping the period nocks
      requirement for the Period division. Also, as I had
      previously mentioned, I will add a "Documented Period
      Shoot" Division for the 2008 season. I will publish
      the specifics of the shoot, as well as its
      documentation, as the new season starts. Because of
      the short time remaining, this year I will provide the
      shoot, but I very much encourage you to research and
      come up with a documented Period shoot to be used for
      future seasons. YOu can submit your idea anytime
      throughout the coming season. At the end of the season
      I will select the best shoot for the next year, and
      the person that suggested the shoot will be rewarded
      with a special medallion. I hope this will encourage
      further research into period archery, as well as
      provide new shoots for everyone to enjoy. All
      information and documentation on the shoots will be
      kept on the website, so that it can be of use to
      archers everywhere.

      Thank you again for your participation, efforts and
      support. My goal as always is to provide an
      interesting and fun competition to the archers of the
      SCA, while giving them an opportunity to represent
      their Kingdom and compete against other archers
      throughout the Society. This competition is there for
      you, and I encourage you to continue to send in your
      ideas, comments and concerns. This past season was the
      30th season of the IKAC/IKCAC, and as the IKAC
      competition enters its 4th decade, I am committed to
      keeping it both interesting and challenging for the
      archers of the SCA. Thanks again to all of you, Happy
      New Year, and I look forward to the start of Season
      XXXI in the next few weeks.

      Best regards,
      - Lorenzo

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