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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Cost of crafting your own gear

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  • Edward deWitt
    Thank you for the rundown of cost and needs for basic to make own arrows. Edward gene arturdubh wrote:
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 9, 2007
      Thank you for the rundown of cost and needs for basic to make own arrows.


      arturdubh <nasionnaich@...> wrote: I have been making my own arrows for a few years now (pre-cut
      fletchings, usually; pre-made points; plastic nocks; pre-dowelled
      Cedar shafts; spray lacquer, as a sealant), and the total cost of
      materials has never been higher than $50/doz. (I once tried
      some "Premium" shafts, but found no real difference in over-all
      quality...). The single most expensive tool I have (other than a
      spine-tester) is the fletching jig -- I simply cannot install
      fletchings by hand, I need those jigs. The monetary cost of making
      arrows goes down when you make your own shafts and/or cut your own

      Fletching jig -- approx $40-$85. Spine-tester -- as low as $15 (build-
      it-yourself), as high as $200 ("professional grade", high-end).
      Tapering tool (for the point/nock tapers) -- $2 ("pencil sharpener"
      style) to $180+ (miniature electric sander - I use one because it's
      faster, and more accurate)(you can make a taper-grinder out of "spare
      parts" for about $20. I don't have the room for a latge home-made
      grinder, so I bought a small - expensive - one). For cutting shafts
      to length, a small knife or saw -- $5, at any flea-market or pawn

      When I started building my own arrows, I first got a fletching jig
      and a taper-tool; most shafts come pre-measured for spine, and are
      sold in appropriately-grouped bundles, so I wasn't concerned about
      that until I got more "into" building a "perfect" arrow. For any
      cresting I "need" to do, I just use the fletching jig, and I hang the
      smoothed and straightened shafts from a clothes-line to seal them
      with the spray-lacquer before fletching them....

      I really should start making some "period" arrows -- if only to save
      a little money. :-)


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "David" <mindifismoke@...> wrote:
      > just out of curiosity... about how much "cost" is there in wasted
      > materials/tool investment when you first start making your own
      > bows?
      > With everything I have been reading it sounds like a very intricate
      > process with lots of materials and tools but something I might like
      > try down the road. Lots of great advice and instruction on here but
      > was just wondering the outlay up front.
      > Remember this is going to be based on someone with no experience....
      > Thanks
      > egon

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