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Re: [SCA-IKCAC] Changes/Additions for 2008 IKAC/IKCAC Season plus a note about Gulf War archery

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  • John edgerton
    1-DPS: I suggest that until it is well established that it be open to all bow types, both modern and period. Later when established it can be made into
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 26, 2007
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      1-DPS: I suggest that until it is well established that it be open
      to all bow types, both modern and period. Later when established it
      can be made into divisions as needed.

      No timed ends. Although there are illustrations of German crossbow
      meets with a large hourglass in the foreground, it may have only been
      used to keep overall track of the time of the event rather than time
      individual shooting.

      Use a period target and period scoring. Period scoring tended to be
      either a hit or a miss. One point for a hit and nothing for a miss.
      Sometimes only the most central hit was the winner and got the point.
      Usually only one or two arrows/bolts were shot per end. Sometimes
      different size targets were used a different distances. The greater
      the distance the larger the scoring area.

      It would be nice to have some long range target shooting, 100+ yards
      or a clout. However, this could reduce the number of events and
      locations where it could be shot due to space limitations.

      Should it fit in with the shooting of a RR or IKAC by using one or
      more of the same distances or at least the same range?

      Should the target be capable of being hit by most all archers or only
      the more skilled?

      I will post a possible DPS after I go look up my sources. I have
      been working on an article on period shoots.

      2-Period nocks: Continue to allow period nocks. If a nock or any
      part of an arrow is unsafe a TAM may not allow its use on the range.
      There is no need to ban self nocks as a class, only ban unsafe
      equipment as it is found.

      Illegal in some kingdoms? Then they should look into rewriting their
      target archery rules to allow the period style equipment that we
      should all be encouraging.

      As to them being a danger. They have been in use almost the start of
      archery. The first arrows were likely to have had no nocks, just the
      flat butt end. They are currently allowed by all major archery
      organizations that have period or traditional divisions.

      As to turning in period division scores when not using period
      division legal equipment, plastic nocks instead of self nocks. If
      the marshal running the shoot is allowing that, they could also be
      allowing modern laminate recurves or compounds. Are we going to not
      allow period longbows or recurves because someone, somewhere may be
      shooting modern recurves with sights, stabilizers, a release and
      aluminum arrows and turning in scores? If this is felt to be a major
      problem, then require the marshal in charge to verify on the score
      sheet that ALL equipment in ALL divisions meets the requirements for
      the competition. I think this would be a given in the first place.

      3-AGE tourney: Sure sounds like fun. I wish I could make it.


      On Nov 26, 2007, at 3:43 PM, Andre Detommaso wrote:

      > Greetings from Lorenzo,
      > with the 2007 season (30th IKAC Season, believe it or
      > not) coming to an end next weekend, I've been thinking
      > about changes/additions for next year. I would like to
      > bring up the following items:
      > 1) I am very seriously considering adding a
      > "Documented Period Shoot" Division (this would be a
      > new division, in addition to the usual Period
      > Division). I know many of you have heard me talk about
      > this before. This is something I've been meaning to do
      > ever since the first day I became Keeper, and it was
      > always one reason or another that prevented me from
      > doing it. But now, with both Children and Youth
      > Divisions having been added to the competition, and
      > with the IKCAC rebounding a bit in terms of
      > participation, I think the Competition is now stable
      > and well established, and that the time is finally
      > right to add this Division.
      > The goal of this Division is to get archers to a)
      > participate in a SCA-wide documented Period archery
      > competition and b) to encourage the study of archery.
      > It has been my experience through running many events
      > at all levels that the highest enjoyment for both the
      > marshals and the archers comes from researching each
      > shoot, and knowing that one is shooting a truly period
      > shoot, or at least a shoot that would have been very
      > likely shot in period times. That's when the archery
      > and the re-enactment parts of our hobby meet, and for
      > me, and I'm sure for you, that is when one has the
      > most fun.
      > The "Documented Period Shoot" will change every year,
      > i.e. there will be a new, different shoot each year.
      > Information about the shoot, including full historical
      > references, will be of course included on the web
      > site. The scoring will depend on the shoot, but the
      > medallion awards will be for the top 3 archers of the
      > winning Kingdom, like the other divisions (hopefully
      > we will get enough participation). I alredy have a
      > shoot in mind for next season to get this started, but
      > I welcome everyone's input for shoots that could be
      > included for future seasons. The person who submits a
      > shoot that ends up being used will of course be fully
      > recognized, and will also be rewarded with a special
      > medallion. Submissions must of course include all
      > applicable documentation.
      > As next season gets closer I will publish all the
      > rules and information, but I very much welcome your
      > input, and if you have shoots to submit, please do so.
      > Please make sure to send all emails about this to
      > ikac@... , not just reply to this email. And
      > I also would like to know what you think about the
      > whole idea of adding a "Documented Period Shoot"
      > Division with a different shoot every year, if you
      > think it is worthwhile or not, or have any input.
      > Again, please use the address above.
      > 2) The use of Period nocks in the Period Division has
      > been a matter of much debate. On the "pro" side (i.e.
      > to participate in the Period Division one must shoot
      > arrows with self-made nocks) is of course the fact
      > that it encourages archers to learn how to make, and
      > shoot, arrows that are as close to period as we can
      > make for a society-wide competition. On the "Con"
      > side, I have received through the years countless
      > complaints on a million aspects of this, from the fact
      > that Marshals have at times rejected period nocks as
      > unsafe, to other claiming they could be illegal in
      > some Kindoms, to more complaints that they represent a
      > danger, to the fact that there is no way to really
      > make sure that people are indeed using such nocks when
      > scores are submitted. Unfortunately, all these are
      > valid points. The question is whether they should be
      > taken into consideration and we should do away
      > permanently with the "period nock" requirement, or if
      > we should instead insist that archers shoot with
      > Period nocks.
      > I am very much interested in your input on this, again
      > please address your emails to ikac@... to
      > let me known what you think. Feel free to debate this
      > and more on the various lists, but if there's
      > something you'd like me to know, please send it to me
      > personally at the address above. In all cases, make
      > sure to put "IKAC" on the subject line.
      > 3) You may have heard about the Archery Grand
      > Exhibition Tourney at Gulf War. The IKAC will be part
      > of the qualification requirements, and I am thrilled
      > to be able to assist the very worthy gentles who are
      > putting this together. This is just a teaser :), so
      > please forgive the lack of details, but we are in the
      > process of putting the finishing touches on this, but
      > you will see complete details on this shortly, keep an
      > eye out for it!
      > I would be very grateful if you could take a moment to
      > consider the items above related to next season, and
      > send me your thoughts whenever convenient. Thank you
      > in advance for your input.
      > Regards,
      > - Lorenzo
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