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Re: Does this sound right?

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  • logantheboweyder
    Well stated. ... going ... you ... sapling ... photographs.
    Message 1 of 27 , Oct 22, 2007
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      Well stated.

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "jameswolfden"
      <jameswolfden@...> wrote:
      > Geirr,
      > The D cross-section is normally such that the back is flat and the
      > belly is curved. As others have mentioned this is because bows are
      > usually made from trees that are at least six inches in diameter.
      > For your sapling bow, you are going to reverse the D. You are
      > to peel off the bark and that rounded first layer of sapwood is
      > going to be your back. You will tiller the belly and sides as if
      > were doing a flatbow. Don't worry about the heartwood on this bow,
      > it probably hasn't grown long enough to develop heartwood. Maple
      > takes a long time to develop heartwood and is mostly sapwood
      > anyways.
      > Harald, on a bow this narrow, I would not decrown the back but I
      > would leave it rounded to both leave the rings intact and give as
      > much wood to work with. I might decrown if there was sufficient
      > width but I doubt we will get there.
      > Here is a link to a thread on paleoplanet with a vine maple
      > bow. You can see the rounded back and flat belly in the
      > http://p081.ezboard.com/vine-maple-sapling-bow-
      > wpics/fpaleoplanet69529frm13.showMessage?topicID=6847.topic
      > You might have to cut and paste some of that link to work.
      > James
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