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Winter Challenge (Nov. 1)

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  • Bruce
    Greetings Ok folks, here s the formal kickoff for the Winter Challenge season; what follows are a copy of the rules this year. I will commence accepting scores
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2007
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      Ok folks, here's the formal kickoff for the Winter Challenge season;
      what follows are a copy of the rules this year. I will commence
      accepting scores as of midnight, November 1. I would like everyone
      who has an interest in the Challenge to talk it up among your Scadian
      neighbours - last year was the smallest participation we've seen,
      ever, and I'd like to reverse that if I can. If you feel there is
      something about the shoot that can be improved, or that will make it
      more accessible, please give me your ideas. I have always tried to
      post scores as quickly as I can, so if you don't see what you've sent
      in several days, please ask me if I have the scores in hand - for my
      part, I will undertake to try and send an immediate confirm to each
      email I receive, so as to let you know I've got what you sent.

      Here are this years rules:
      All archers of the Known World are invited to participate in a winter
      archery competition from November 1, 2007 through April 15, 2008. The
      shoot is the same as previous years using the basic commercial target
      of any 5 ring 40 cm (16 inches) face. All rounds are shot at 20 ards.
      Each round will consist of two (2) ends. Equipment standards are as
      per SCA legal for your kingdom. There is no traditional equipment
      bonus or requirement. Participating archers should include with the
      scores sent, this info: SCA name, MKA, their SCA group, (and Kingdom,
      if outside the Midrealm), the type of bow (crossbow, longbow,
      recurve or other), the bow's draw weight, and whether or not any
      sight marks on limbs or crossbow rear sights were used. PLEASE NOTE
      THAT LAST COMMENT! Last year many entries were not listed as being
      sighted or non-sighted. The scoring breakdown this year is going to
      take into account whether a weapon used sights or not: IF NO
      SIGHTS! A comment about what is meant by "sights". What is being
      referred to are not hi-tech scopes or adjustable pin contraptions,
      those are all strictly not allowable. "Sight" in this context refers
      to the practice of marking the upper limb of a handbow with
      incremental marks on the bow itself, or on a piece of tape, that the
      archer can use to line up an aim point with. Crossbows, of course,
      are permitted peep type or wire type sights to a certain extent (but
      not scopes, obviously), as long as they are affixed behind the
      release mechanism. If you have any questions, consult the marshal
      overseeing the shoot, your Kingdom's rules, or myself, in roughly
      that order.

      Contact info: The marshal in charge is Bruce R. Gordon (Baron Nigel
      FitzMaurice), 511 East Exchange St., Apt. 3, Akron, Ohio 44304. Email

      Rules webpage at http://web.raex.com/~obsidian/wint.html
      Scores posting at http://web.raex.com/~obsidian/scores.html

      As it was last year, the shoot is eight ends at 20 yards, and may
      take place at any event, practice, or get-together where a warranted
      SCA archery marshal (or your Kingdom's equivalent) is present to
      score it. Anyone may submit scores.

      Target Round - intended to help maintain accuracy over the winter
      months. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows each untimed at a 40 cm (16
      inch) 5 ring target with standard 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 scoring.

      Speed Round - intended to help archers practice speed shooting with
      accuracy. It consists of 2 ends of unlimited arrows shot in a 30
      second time limit for each end. Each archer must shoot at least one
      arrow each end but may shoot as many as possible in 30 seconds.
      Scoring of the 40 cm 5 ring target is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Archers who do
      not manage to shoot off 6 arrows in 30 seconds will gain bonus points
      for arrows unshot. To determine the number of bonus points, subtract
      the number of arrows shot from 6 for each end and add that number to
      the actual score of the arrows that hit the target. IE: you shoot 4
      arrows, you get 2 bonus points. If the archer has not managed to hit
      the target at least once in the entire round of two ends, then no
      bonus points are added. When scoring, please show real score + bonus
      points, IE: 12+2

      Wand Round - intended to help the archer concentrate on minimizing
      left/right movement. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows untimed. Each
      end is shot at a target wand 3 feet long by 6 inches wide, consisting
      of a central strip of one color flanked on either side by strips of a
      differing tint (hint:a standard strip of duct tape is 2 inches wide);
      each band equal in width (2 inches). Each arrow within or touching
      the central strip scores five points. Each arrow outside the central
      area but within or touching either of the two outer bands scores
      three points.

      Bull's Eye Round - intended to help the archer focus on the center of
      a target. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows each untimed. Each end is
      shot at a target consisting of a 4 inch circular bull's eye centered
      within a 8 1/2 inch outer circle,(standard piece of paper). All
      arrows within or touching the inner circle score five points each.
      All arrows outside the center bull's eye but within or touching the
      outer circle score three points each.

      It is strongly suggested that a target that will prevent pass-
      throughs and bounce-offs should be used. However, should these occur,
      witnessed pass-throughs and bounce-offs that cannot be determined as
      to score are traditionally scored as 3 points, in the target and
      speed rounds. The other two rounds...Hmmm.

      The shoot ends April 15th, all scores due by April 22, 2008. Scores
      may be submitted by anyone, so long as the shoot was witnessed by a
      warranted archery marshal (or your kingdom's equivalent). Special
      arrangements for unusual circumstances may be considered on a per-
      case basis. I strongly urge that scores be submitted as soon after
      the shoot as feasible, and I further urge that they be submitted
      electronically (simply because it makes it easier to transfer data to
      the web page, and because names are easier to decipher). Written
      scores by groundmail are accepted gladly, but if you do, please
      include an email contact in case I can't read someone's signature or
      there are other questions.

      Good Shooting!
      Baron Nigel, Winter Challenge Guy
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