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Re: Target Interest; tired of shooting at concentric circles?

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  • Laura
    Cian, I just looked at your scetches and, yes...if the finished prints are as nice as the sketches, I d definitely want some. I can possibly spring for a set
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 16, 2007
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      I just looked at your scetches and, yes...if the finished prints are
      as nice as the sketches, I'd definitely want some. I can possibly
      spring for a set of all 6 if they don't go more than $8.00 each.
      If you can post sketches or pictures of the full 6 figures, I would
      like to see the whole set.
      If you're just trying to see if there's interest....I'm interested.
      If you are taking orders, I'd be willing to commit to an order as

      East Kingdom

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Cian of Storvik"
      <firespiter@...> wrote:
      > I'm wondering if I can get an idea if there would be any interest
      > having historically appropriate, pre-printed, life-sized targets
      > that you can pin-up or glue to card-board to use at events.
      > I currently have a set of drawings at a local printer who is doing
      > some life-size (3' wide x 6' tall) versions for novelty target
      > practice and event use.
      > You can see the conceptual rough sketches of 3 of them in Cian's
      > Stuff folder in the photo section. So you can get an idea of what
      > I'm talking about.
      > Initially, these are going to be simply line-drawings (black ink on
      > white paper) due to 1) keeping cost down so that they are
      > since their whole purpose is to be shot to pieces and 2) so that
      > they can be painted as the user see's fit. (Images can be painted
      > with livery of adversary kingdoms/baronies or to represent
      > individuals that they know.)
      > Coloring them can be a good activity day. And since I am doing
      > images in various modes of passive/active/hostile versions, some of
      > the passive/posed individuals could possibly be used as cardboard
      > stand-ups to use in event halls. Or can be glued to plywood for use
      > as Combat Archery practice targets.
      > I have (6) illustrations of various 14th century military figures
      > (crossbowman, archer, knight, footman, coustilier, spearman) at the
      > printer. Which I am thinking of expanding to about twenty (20) 14th
      > century individuals, and then even further expanding it to
      > eras; e.g. a set of vikings, Normans, 13th cen, early crusaders,
      > of the roses, the clergy etc.
      > I'm awaiting word back from the printer, but from previous dealings
      > I'm guessing that cost will be around $8 per target (perhaps as
      > little as $6.00/ea). And if you buy multiples, I can probably get a
      > quantity discount. Targets will come with "how to assemble"
      > instructions. And for a nominal fee, an assembly kit of pre-punched
      > leather washers (to save arrow tips) and zip ties can be included
      > that all you need to additionally supply is foam/carboard from your
      > office/or local hardware store. And no need to "invest" in a $7-$11
      > can of spray glue (which can gum up your arrow shafts).
      > email me if there is any interest in the 14th cen versions, the
      > other eras or if you have any suggestions. As I mentioned, right
      > I'm just doing these in black & white form, as full-color versions
      > would astronomically raise the production cost according to the
      > printer.
      > -Cian
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