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St Sebastians in August

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  • Conley, Mary
    St. Sebastian s Archery August 10-12, 2007 Reports of an abundance of game feeding off the fertile fields and pastures of our kingdom will have our band of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2007
      St. Sebastian's Archery

      August 10-12, 2007

      Reports of an abundance of game feeding off the fertile fields and
      pastures of our kingdom will have our band of intrepid archers returning
      to the same area we hunted last year.

      The shoot-master is contemplating new and entertaining shoots, and of
      course we will be having the Traditional St Sabs Flaming Arrow Night
      Shoot. Shooting will begin Saturday morning at 10:00 am. There will be
      an IKAC on Sunday morning for those wanting scores.

      The site is 'unimproved,' which means port-a-johns, and trucked in water
      for washing etc. You will need to bring your own drinking water.
      Purveyors of provisions are only a few miles distant, in Kersey, if you
      forget something.

      Important : Each archer must have with them at least 12 arrows for their
      own use.

      When: 3:00pm Friday August 10 thru 1:00 pm Sunday August 12.

      Where: The wooded pastures to the north-east of Caerthe (Denver CO)

      Take your best route to I-25 and hwy 34, go east on 34; stay on 34
      around Greeley, do not take the business 34 exit into Greeley. When you
      come to the hwy 85 and hwy 34 Junction look for the Fort Morgan Exit and
      stay on 34 to the town of Kersey; just past Kersey look for the County
      road 56 sign and turn left onto 56 follow to the dead end and turn left
      follow the dirt road into the site. There will be SCA signs.

      Restrictions: Fire restrictions are unknown at this time. Dogs are
      welcome, but must be on a leash (with some one or some thing attached to
      the other end) or in a pen. There is wildlife in the area, deer, coon,
      coyote, etc. so sensible precautions to safeguard your camp and self are
      expected of everyone. The river also runs close to the site, and there
      are old farm buildings on the site, so please be aware of where your
      children are. There will be a drop-off area for trash. Please have all
      trash in closed trash bags before leaving it at the drop-off.

      Wet Site: Discretion is requested. You will not be allowed to shoot if
      you have been drinking.


      Two nights One night Day tripper

      Adults $9.00 $7.00 $5.00

      Under 12 $5.00 $5.00 $3.00

      Under 3 free free free

      Reservations: I order to help our shoot master plan his shoots
      reservations are requested and may be made with HL Ailinn Shadowfox,
      (Karen Swayze), 303-452-0717; 11622 Gilpin St, Northglenn, CO 80233;
      thlailinn@... <mailto:thlailinn@...>

      PLEASE NOTE: There is a $3 non-member surcharge, if you cannot provide
      proof of membership (a current blue or white card or publication label
      from the most current Outlandish Herald) at the gate. Waiver
      requirements will be enforced.

      Autocrat: Lady Cecelia Corr Mhaire, Mary Conley, 303-433-0132,
      corr.mhaire@... <mailto:corr.mhaire@...>

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