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Arts & Archery Event Announcement, Lyondemere, Caid

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  • Jessica E Baas
    Lyondemere s Arts & Archery is less than two weeks away! It s time to dust off your bows and bring them out to open the new archery season! This is a great
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      Lyondemere's Arts & Archery is less than two weeks away! It's time to dust off your bows and bring them out to open the new archery season! This is a great opportunity to warm up before Robin Hood, Gyldenholt and all the other upcoming tournaments. We will have lots of fun and exciting games along side a wonderful arts display.

      Please see the full event announcement at http://www.lyondemere.org

      Arts & Archery Tournament Championship
      The victor of the day will have the best overall showing in both the arts and archery. The tournament champion must enter both competitions in order to win. The championship will be based on an average of overall scores for all events entered. Participants must compete in at least three things (combination of arts & archery competitions) to be considered for the championship. (Archery scores are awarded by place, not by actual target scores).

      Arts Categories
      - Fiber Arts (anything cloth related, embroidery, garb, etc)
      - Practical Arts (anything used day to day such as pottery or armor, arts with a practical usage)
      - Visual Arts (anything that doesn't fit in the two categories above including painting and drawing)
      - Performing Arts (any form of bardic arts, instrumental, spoken word, poetry)

      Entrants can be creative in their category selection, however the judges will have the ultimate say. Entries should have been completed within the last year and should not have been entered in a past Arts & Archery Competition. Entries should have at least basic documentation with time period and references. Entries are blind, which means no names will be attached to the physical items. If you bring an item tag or documentation, please make sure your name is not on the tag or documentation. Each entry will be scored on a scale of 1-100.

      Archery Shoots
      - Moving Target (6 arrows at a moving target from the 25m line)
      - Seventh Arrow (6 arrows at your own target and one at someone else's which will either award you points or detract from your opponents)
      - Archers Melee (Balloon melee, an extra life is gained by entering the arts competition)

      Points are awarded by place in each shoot (100 for 1st, 90 for 2nd, etc).

      Baronial Archery Championship
      In addition to the Tournament Championship we will be hosting the first Lyondemere Baronial Archery Championship. This is a separate list and category and in no way affects the outcome of the tournament championship.

      The Baronial Championship will consist of two events to test the archers skill at war and in the hunt. Any archers wishing to compete in the baronial championship must first prove themselves at war. They will face a horde of invading Vikings and must disarm their shields to advance to the next round. Archers will be given 20 seconds to shoot the shields in a successive order from 20 yards. As this is war, not all archers will move on. Only a certain percentage of the field will survive the battle and live to hunt for Their Excellencies. For those that complete the first challenge, they will face 6 furry foes of varying heights and distances from the 30 yard line. They will have one minute and a maximum of eight arrows to kills as many animals for the feast as possible. Only true kill shots will count on the animals.

      The archer that proves the most worthy at war and on the hunt will be named the Lyondemere Archery Champion!

      The Lyondemere Archery Champion will become a member of Their Excellencies Baronial Guard and called into service for the barony at future Kingdom and Baronial events. For this reason, the Champion must not hold another territorial archery championship at the time of the tournament (those whose territorial championships are to be held between the event and Crown tournament in April and current Queen's Champions are exempt from this criteria). In like manner, the Lyondemere Champion is asked not to compete in future territorial championships (including Queen's Champion) for the duration of their term as Champion (1 year).

      Site Information & Other Details
      The event will take place at Rancho Park Archery Range on Motor just south of Pico. For directions, please see the event website.

      No pavilions or other structures are allowed in the park. There is a large shady area with tables that we will be using for the days events. Please bring chairs as there are very few benches attached to the tables.

      A donation based snack table will be available throughout the day with chips, fruit, water, soda and other items.

      Authorizations will begin promptly at 9:00am and will break for court at 10:00am. No new authorizations will begin after 11:30am. You will asked for proof of authorization at the lists table. We will be using the most current version of the test and handbook for authorizations. You can download them for review at http://www.seventharrow.com/indexold.php?active=handbook.php

      Post Event Revel
      Yes, there will be a revel following the event! The revel will take place at St. Bede's Episcopal Church less than 4 miles from the event site. Fliers with directions will be available at the gate table. The revel will feature a light dinner, gaming with the Inn of the Crimson Spade, dancing and (weather permitting) a bardic circle in the courtyard. There is no cost for the revel, but donations are recommended to help cover the cost of the revel site and tournament.

      Any questions? Email Christina (archery@...)

      Please pass this on to other lists.

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