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  • James W. Pratt, Jr.
    I have always thought compound bows were easyer on arrows than longbows of the same peak weight. Because they accelerated the arrow at a low poundage so the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2006
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      I have always thought compound bows were easyer on arrows than longbows of the same peak weight. Because they accelerated the arrow at a low poundage so the arrow is moving when it hits peak weight ie: 55% of 70 lb is about 30 lb where a 70 lb long bow dumps 70lb on an arrow that is not moving. I can see the fear in a compound seller when he thinks people will use 30lb spined arrows on a 70 lb 55% let off compound. But I do not shoot compound but I know we have compound shooters lurking on this list. So what is the real story?

      James Cunningham
      Ready to learn

      Hmmm a different type of kinetic energy? I did not know there was such a
      thing. ;) My friend I would have to say that the real problem here is that
      old urban myth and uneducated nitwits working at so called pro shops.
      Specially ones that don't deal with Trad gear.

      Wood is just as strong as Aluminum or carbon in this case and seeing as the
      arrowshaft is driven forward directly in line with the axis of the arrow, it
      should make no difference as to what the shaft is made of as long as it is
      spined correctly for the bow. If compounds were not center shot then I might
      be tempted to agree with you in some cases but they are very exactly

      Don't forget pro shops are about selling thier product and trad stuff is
      seldom what they get requests for so they have no understanding of it.

      My suggestion is sell the compound and go with a nice longbow. ;)

      I also suggest such web sites as www.tradgang.com and
      http://www.outdoorcore.com/forums/ and
      the leatherwall http://leatherwall.bowsite.com/TF/lw/THREADSx2.CFM

      Loads of info there. Outdoor core will be the best place to ask about wood
      arrows on a compound. Tell em Ragi sent you.


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      Ive talked to several bow shops in the area cause my son wanted to do this
      and I told him i didn't think it was a smart idea so i took him around.
      to three shops and they all stated clearly that you should not shoot them
      from compound bows. something about the different type of kentic energy
      from a
      compound versus a trad bow

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      _ragiwarmbear _
      Sun Nov 12, 2006 6:34 pm (PST)


      Aside from the mess that is this poste, why do you say that wood should
      never be shot from a compound? (And all caps is considered shouting, so why
      did you have to shout it out? ;) )

      Properly spined arrows will shoot just fine from a compound. I have heard
      this Urban Myth repeated many times and it has always kinda boggled me. I
      have shot woodies from a compound many times. I do not now have one as I am
      more into primitive archery but in past days.... Ahh past days. I figgure
      is something made up by that Easton guy to sell more aluminum arrows.

      If someone feels compelled to holler out something like this please explain
      why you feel this way? It makes it easier for grumpy old knowitalls like me
      to make condescending comments. ;)


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