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Lochmere Arrow ... at Needwood Games, October 21

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  • Saethryth Farsight
    The Needwood Forest Company of Archers, in partnership with the Crescent Guard, the Shire of Roxbury Mills, and the Barony of Bright Hills, remind all archers
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2006
      The Needwood Forest Company of Archers, in partnership with the Crescent Guard, the Shire of Roxbury Mills, and the Barony of Bright Hills, remind all archers that this year's Competition for the Lochmere Arrow will be held immediately after The Needwood Games and the Archery A&S.

      The location is Westminster, MD.

      Martial Activities: Target archery. This is an all target archer
      event, with team and individual competitions. Archers will participate as
      part of teams representing their local group, treated as free agents
      and drafted into teams so all may participate. The Needwood Games from
      10:00 am until 2:30 will include two roving shoots and a team event. An
      assortment of prizes will be awarded, both to teams and individuals at
      every level of skill. Competition for the Lochmere Arrow, shot by
      pairs of archers representing local SCA groups will begin at 2:30.

      Arts & Sciences Activities: The Autocrat is sponsoring a period
      archery A&S competition, in the following categories:
      1. Best period “kit” (attire, equipment, and persona).
      2. Best period bow.
      3. Best period arrows.
      4. Best period archery-related gear (bracers, string keepers, quivers,
      5. Open Youth A&S (anyone under age 18, any category above).

      The A&S competition will be judged by the populace. Since we are all
      learning here, documentation is essential! If you are entering the
      first category, please include photos of yourself so we can match the
      documentation to the archers.

      Cost: Adult, Member: $10.00 Day-Trip Feast Camping
      Adult, Non-Member: $13.00 Day-Trip Feast Camping
      Child (6-17): $8.00 Day-Trip Feast Camping
      Child (0-5): $0.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast $0.00 Camping

      Cost Notes: Child (10-17), if shooting: $ 8.00 day-trip
      Non-shooters & children under 10: Free

      Site: “MacBride and Gill, Falcon Ridge Farm,” 3811 Backwoods Road,
      Westminster, MD 21158. Please note that the farm is about 15 minutes
      north of Westminster, MD.
      Site Restrictions: Discretely wet. No pets. No overnight stays.
      This is a working farm – no crop picking.

      Feast Information: A hot lunch will be prepared by Lady Aelfwynn of
      Whitby. Please bring your own feast gear. For dietary concerns, please
      contact Lady Aelfwynn at librarian314@....

      Merchanting Information:

      Other Information: Site opens at 9:00 am. Hunt starts at 10:00 am.
      A&S will be judged during lunch so archers can enter the gear with which
      they are competing. Lochmere Arrow starts at 2:30 pm.

      Autocrats Information: Saethryth Seolforlocc (a/k/a Saethryth
      Farsight)(Sue Palsbo), 1105 N. Rochester St. Arlington VA, 22205. Phone
      Number(703)237-2539, E-mail: saethryth_farsight@...

      Resevations: Lady Grainne Ingen Lugdach(), , --, Phone Number(),
      E-mail: grainneinatlantia@...

      Directions: Take your best your to Westminster, MD. West of
      Westminster, go north on Route 97 to MD-97 N / MD-140 W. Take the MD-97 N ramp
      (0.3 miles). Turn slightly right onto MD-97 / Littlestown Pike. You
      will pass a John Deere dealership before your come to Bachman Valley
      Road. Turn right onto MD-496 / Bachman Valley Road. Travel 3.8 miles and
      turn left onto Bixler Church Road, just after you cross Big Pipe Creek.
      Go 0.6 miles and turn right onto Backwoods Road. Go about a mile and
      take the first right off the county road at #3811. Go past the house on
      the left. Make the second left and follow the gravel lane. Park along
      the fence; there isn’t a house, just a large barn and a lot of fruit
      trees and nursery plants.

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