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Re: [SCA-Archery] questions

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  • Andros Korkyrates
    Ken, RE: adaptation of decorative crossbow off e-bay for actual target shooting, I d say: Don t. Since the crossbow in question certainly wasn t made with use
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 19, 2006

      RE: adaptation of decorative crossbow off e-bay for actual target shooting,
      I'd say: Don't. Since the crossbow in question certainly wasn't made with
      use in mind, its safety is exceedingly questionable - from structural
      integrity of the stock itself to dubious, if any, usability of other
      elements such as bowstring and prod, the number of parts you'd need to
      replace if you wished to end up with a safe, useable and reliable crossbow
      becomes significant and costly.

      As a far better alternative, I'd suggest that (if you're a bit short on
      cash) you try building your own crossbow. Stock is reasonably easy to build,
      and other parts such as prod, stirrup and trigger assembly are available
      from a number of crossbow stores online at rather affordable prices.

      YIS, Andros

      On 18/09/06, Ken <kemarchgps@...> wrote:
      > 1. Would a Florida live oak be a canidate for a bow. Have two large
      > branches ie about 10 inches around I need to cut off a tree.
      > 2. To the gentleman that were helping me id a cross bow on ebay. It was
      > vietnameese or phillipno. It does not appear functional has a wooden
      > trigger but cannot find a way to hold string in place. Would like to
      > see if it could be made functional at a reasonable price.
      > 3 Looking for a contact in central FLA NW Orange county to check out
      > what is involved as an SCA member. Please contact me off group
      > at my primary email n4vxi@... <n4vxi%40mpinet.net>.
      > Ken


      Andro Berkovic

      Never be afraid to try something new;
      Remember that amateurs built the Ark,
      professionals built the Titanic
      and scientists built the Challenger.

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