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  • Carolus von Eulenhorst
    When I was Master of Archers, if I were to hear a report of action like that from one of my marshals they would have a lot of explaining to do as to why they
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 18, 2006
      When I was Master of Archers, if I were to hear a report of action
      like that from one of my marshals they would have a lot of explaining
      to do as to why they should keep their warrant. I am sure my
      successor feels the same.

      At 08:03 PM 9/15/2006, you wrote:

      > >
      >What I want to know, is why we don't have more rational and reasonable
      >people like you in the SCA. Several years ago I drove out to the Cleveland
      >Archery Club range in the Metro Park. This is a facility maintained by the
      >Cleveland Archery Club on land owned by the park, and is therefore open to
      >the general public. I had been shooting for about a half hour at a target
      >I had brought when two carloads of SCA archers arrived. They pinned a
      >target to the butt next to the one I was using and the marshal they had
      >brought along began inspecting equipment. She then came over to me and
      >asked to see my bow. I told her I didn't plan to shoot any sort of royal
      >rounds and therefore didn't require an inspection. She gave me a hard time
      >and I told her that 1) I was shooting at my own target on a public range
      >and not one set up by her. 2) This was not an SCA event and she had no
      >authority. 3) I was a paid member of the Cleveland Archery Club and she
      >and the rest of her crew were not, and if she persisted in bothering me I'd
      >call the rangers.
      > >
      >Jim Koch (Gladius The Alchemist)
      > >
      > > At 05:38 PM 9/15/2006, you wrote:
      > >Some people get so upset by anything that is different than what they know,
      > >they don't know how to handle it. What Laurens did was the only reasonable
      > >response, and anything more extreme is just silly and inconsiderate, and
      > >quite frankly, a little bit snobbish.
      > >
      > >This archer's style, while unorthadox, "worked for him" - which I interprit
      > >to mean he was actually shooting at the target, and possibly had some
      > >experience. To assume the person would shoot wild seems a bit extreme if the
      > >person already learned to compensate for that.
      > >
      > >Just this past Sunday at the public archery range near my home, someone -
      > >one of the bowhunters there practicing - decided to walk up to me and
      > >correct my form. He started telling me that what I was doing wrong was not
      > >anchering on my face. I politely asked him just how long he has been
      > >studying Mongol archery and he responded with an "oh", lowered his head and
      > >walked away. The look on his face clearly showed he realized how rediculous
      > >he sounded by throwing his opinion at me without knowing anything about what
      > >I was doing.
      > >
      > >When I switched from European 3 finger draw to a Mongol thumb draw, my
      > >arrows flew off to the right as well. The reason is that when a person
      > >learns to shoot European, they acquire a habit of moving the bow as they
      > >fire the arrow. Most archers have no idea they do this. When you shoot on
      > >the left, it moves the bow out of the way of the arrow. But when they arrow
      > >is on the right side, this movement interferes with the flight of the arrow
      > >and moves it to the right. I learned to compensate for this with how I hold
      > >the bow as part of learning the Mongol draw. If this person originally
      > >learned with putting the arrow on the right, then he never developed this
      > >habit which would have the arrows go off to the right. If this is the case,
      > >then he is most likely perfectly safe.
      > >
      > >As for any any possibly damage to person or equipment, I don't see that as
      > >likely. Not any more than the normal shooting you are used to. If the
      > >equipment has no cutout for an arrow rest, then it can easily be fired on
      > >either side, and this would not change anything on the arm or shoulder
      > >drawing the bow. How the arm changes for holding the bow would match a
      > >Mongol draw. Should be no harm in what he is doing for him or the equipment
      > >- assuming the other things he is doing, such as posture or letting up on
      > >the string, are all normal.
      > >
      > >Don't run and tell on him to some authority figure that he is unsafe knowing
      > >nothing about him or his shooting. You'll only make a fool of yourself and
      > >unnecessarily bother the person in question for no reason. If you do want to
      > >do something, offer to be his teacher in traditional shooting - he may never
      > >of had one and be real appreciative, or just not interested. I wouldn't try
      > >to have the person removed from the field simply because he did not want
      > >your advice, clearly the marshal in charge did not see any danger at the
      > >time. Oh - If you do get him to switch, be wary of arrows flying off to the
      > >left at first, or falling off his bow when he draws the arrow.
      > >
      > >The big question would be to ask what his experience is. If he is a well
      > >practiced archer, then there is nothing to say or do that would not be
      > >offensive. If he is brand new, then there is probably a real safety concern
      > >as Master Andras has suggested. If he is somewhere in between, then well,
      > >you saw him shoot - did it work for him?
      > >
      > >Puppy
      > ><<http://www.NYCMongol.com>http://www.NYCMongol.com>http://www.NYCMongol.com
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