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Re: String Nocks

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  • thmcinnish
    ... of ... linen, ... add ... crotch ... two and ... snugly in ... take ... straight ... reinforcements ... and ... the ... That answers my question. It is
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 13, 2006
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      > Note: I'm using 'twine' here as the verb that denotes the process
      > reverse-twisting used to assemble a 'flemish' string.
      > When I make the eye-loop, I add in a number of extra strands of
      > usually 50% more. I twine the string together until the reinforcing
      > strands have run out and go an inch or two more.
      > I leave the strands straight until I get to a few inches above the
      > nocking area. Then I begin twining again. After an inch or so, I'll
      > in a strand. It's about 16" long and I tuck it's middle into the
      > of the twisting, straighten the twisted 'legs' so I can lay the new
      > strand smoothly in with the others. Then I make another twist or
      two and
      > add another strand. Keep doing this until the string fits very
      snugly in
      > your nocks. As the string stretches, it will shrink in diameter,
      > that into account.
      > I twine past the end of the reinforcements again then leave it
      > until I get to the bottom of the string and I twine in
      > for the area that'll have the bowyer's hitch, then I taper it out
      > ideally end it with a _tiny_ figure-eight in the last few fibers of
      > string.
      > Have I answered your question?

      That answers my question. It is difficult to visualize so I'll have
      to get some material out and start experimenting. I am still new to
      archery and string making so it will just take time to learn.

      Thank you.
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