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Crossbow Bolts - Length - Reminder - Brain Death

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  • Siegfried
    Anyway ... so after I sent that email ... and got all the responses ... I finally broke down and cut up a few shafts to make into 16 bolts to try them out
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      Anyway ... so after I sent that email ... and got all the responses ...

      I finally broke down and cut up a few shafts to make into 16" bolts to
      try them out again instead of the 20-22" ones.

      Went out to do some shooting at 30 yards

      Came back in after just shooting 8 rounds and told my wife: Yup,
      making long bolts again.

      You see, as I said in my original email it had been a LONG time since
      I played around with bolt lengths/materials/etc. Only ever made
      slight variations over the years.

      To the point, that I forgot one thing. One VERY important thing, that
      I quickly reminded myself of.

      Short bolts probably shoot, pretty much 'as well', as long bolts.
      Long bolts are a little more stable of course, and have the benefit of
      not going deep into haybales.

      Sight picture Sight picture Sight picture ... after the last, oh, 8
      years of shooting crossbow with long bolts I kinda forgot this.
      Long bolts give you a much better sight picture. With my long bolts
      I put the point in the center of the target at 30 yards to hit right
      on. 20 is the lower edge of the target, 40 is 'a little bit above'.

      I went out there with the short bolts, and expected to aim 'a little
      lower' to hit gold. I found myself aiming about a couple feet into
      the ground in front of the target.

      So anyway, just wanted to toss this out as a final point for anyone
      following this thread. Don't forget about the huge benefit of having
      a sight picture that places the bolt head on the target face. This
      of course only matters to instinctive and gap shooters. If you use a
      sight, or shoot 'sight-style without a sight', then it doesn't matter.

      Siegfried - Who will never doubt the power of long bolts in order to
      save a few bucks ever again.

      THL Siegfried Sebastian Faust - http://crossbows.biz/
      Barony of Highland Foorde - Baronial Archery Marshal
      Kingdom of Atlantia - Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Target Archery
      http://eliw.com/ - http://archery.atlantia.sca.org/
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