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RE: Balloon Melee - was: Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Archery Proposal

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  • Jessi
    We have only a short range (30 yards) in our local area, so we re limited. It s constructed with phone books and is about 15 yards at its widest (I think). We
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      We have only a short range (30 yards) in our local area, so we're limited.
      It's constructed with phone books and is about 15 yards at its widest (I
      think). We set up 10-12 archers on the line and go through them in flights,
      combining them when people become eliminated. Everyone shoots from the same
      distance (either 20 or 25 yards). We have all archers start with their bows
      on the ground (or resting on their feet) and arrows in their quivers. The
      Marshal will call draw. We put our balloons in front of the archer
      representing them on the line, which would be bit difficult on most other
      kinds of ranges.

      Once you're dead, you step off the line. Since it's double elim, you get
      another chance, but that's it. That means that sometimes our best archers
      are barely in the shoot at all. To guarantee everyone is using balloons of
      similar sizes, we started bring out a 9" embroidery hoop this. Balloons
      cannot fit through the hoop (everyone blows up their own).

      It is great fun and we encourage the audience to taunt and cheer. The first
      year we did it, there was a huge chorus of "Kill the Roman" while Drusus,
      our Roman, was on the line. Marshals and spectators (including those
      archers in later flights) will call an archer dead if they don't see a kill

      On a larger field, we've tried a few different things. We've been playing a
      team melee variation at practice, with teams determined by rankings of
      previous games played. Our two best archers are never allowed to be the
      same team (they once tried to rig the game so they'd end up together, we
      didn't let it happen). We use a simple formula to figure out how many
      balloons (number of archers on the largest team plus one) and then set them
      up (you can combine them on one bale or spread them out). Same as the
      others, archers start with bows down and arrows quivered.

      To appease our two best archers, they created a challenge shoot. The two of
      them will take on any six archers in a 7 balloon melee. *cough* They won
      the first two *cough* but have been beaten since.

      I'm trying to add more of the novelty shoots we do at practice to my website
      (there's only a few there now - www.seventharrow.com). We have a lot that
      we do that aren't on the site yet.


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      That sounds like a glorious good time, and I might need to just steal that

      However, can you provide some more details on exactly how this was
      done? You say that you separate out the various colored balloons on
      the line. Well, how far out are the balloons? Random distances? All
      at the same distance? It sounds like you are implying that you have
      all 40 archers lined up and shooting at once. However, if so,
      (besides the issues of marshalling that many at once), how do people
      know when their own balloons are dead, when they are probably focusing
      on everyone else's balloons to kill them. Or once you are 'dead' can
      you still shoot?

      I can see that working with 'once dead you can still shoot', so you
      just keep shooting until there is only one balloon left then check the
      name on it. Though I could imagine that often at the end, there is
      possibly one 'good archer' who has that final arrow, and ends up
      deciding who 'wins' by which balloon they shoot. I think it might be
      more fun if once your balloons are dead, you have to stop shooting.
      So everyone gangs up on the 'good ones' first so that they aren't
      going to just kill everyone quickly. It would also cause great fun
      among the good ones as much strategy would be played ... who do they
      need to kill first, because that person is good and going to be trying
      to kill them. etc.

      But how to accurately handle that situation, letting archer's know
      when they are dead ... without a marshal per archer, hrmmmm

      Now, if you only had 10 people shooting at one perhaps. A small
      enough field that you could see everyone's balloons.


      Siegfried's evil mind starts thinking of some interesting variations -
      and he has the perfect event for it to happen at coming up ...

      On 4/2/06, Jessi <divinite@...> wrote:
      > One of the shoots we do is called the "Balloon Melee." Each archer gets
      > balloons colored by rank (white for novice/unranked, black for bowmen,
      > for yeoman, red for foresters and yellow for bow masters). We separate
      > the various colored balloons on the line and your balloon represents your
      > life, when it pops, you're dead. We continue this until we have one
      > left.

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