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Blackstone Raids Archery - Call for shoots & ranges

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  • Johannes von Solingen
    As many of you may know, Blackstone Raids is moving to Cedar Lakes near Ripley, WV. This is a much bigger site than the previous one, so, as a result, there is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2006
      As many of you may know, Blackstone Raids is moving to Cedar Lakes near
      Ripley, WV. This is a much bigger site than the previous one, so, as a
      result, there is now a *lot* of room for archery.

      This presents a wonderful opportunity for a number of great ranges and
      shoots, but I cannot take full advantage of this glorious bounty by myself.
      Therefore, I am putting out the call for any and all marshals, archers, and
      other interested parties to bring their favorite shoots, ranges, or other
      interesting and unusual targets.

      To give everyone some idea of just what there is to work with, I have
      posted in the files section an aerial view of the site from Terraserver.com.
      The file is named Raids_Archery_Map.JPG, and has both the confirmed archery
      area and potential second range marked and labeled. I'll give you a moment
      to retrieve the file to follow along. (A color view, which might make some
      things a little bit clearer, is available from Google maps at this link:

      Ready? Then let's go!

      The main archery area is section A, outlined in purple. I've indicated four
      potential ranges, labeled C through F, in light blue - more on those in a
      moment. There are some elevation changes within the site, which I have
      attempted to indicate with the green arrows, said arrows going higher.

      Section B, the secondary archery area, is in yellow. We are waiting
      confirmation of the absence of potential hazards, such as gas or water
      wells, which would prevent our using this range. If clear, then we have
      somewhere between 180 and 200 yards to play with.

      Range C will most likely be the main 20-30-40 yard range, in part because
      this section is already marked as such, more or less. Firing line will be at
      the left, targets at the right, toward the lake. As there is a ten foot or
      so berm (?) behind the targets, arrows are unlikely to go into the lake,
      unless some is shooting way high.

      As marked, range D is about 100 yards - again, firing line on the left, and
      target (I'm thinking clout shoot, perhaps?) on the right. Range C will be
      closed if and or when range D is in use.

      As you may have noticed, this range crosses a lake - which could make for
      an interesting clout shoot. And while it is posted no boating or swimming,
      we have received permission to have one life-jacketed person and boat for
      arrow retrieval. Anyone up for a water shoot?

      But we could also set up any number of firing lines (positions?) along the
      perimeter of the lake, giving us anything from 100 yards down to 20, still
      using the target area on the right.

      Range E has potential, but I'm not quite certain what to do with it. Again,
      firing line is on the left, target area on the right, distance about 100
      yards. But the firing line is actually a fire pit/campfire circle, complete
      with a ring of small bleachers. And it is uphill - a bunch. With trees.
      Lots. And a path, although no shrubbery.

      Range F is flat, about 75 yards, firing line at the bottom, targets at the
      top. Again, if F is being used, B will not, and vice-versa. Perfect for the
      advancing man, I would think.

      I also understand that there is a good area for a walking woods range, and
      I am working on arranging that.

      There is some great potential here, and I don't want to see it go to waste.
      I am planning on doing the assassin shoot again, along the the revenge of
      the assassin, and royal rounds for anyone who wants, but I think that we can
      do so much more.

      I would also like to have one or two beginners classes, if anyone is
      interested in teaching. (I know I could take advantage of a longbow/recurve
      class.) And I'm thinking of doing an intro to crossbow shooting, with
      emphasis on the Whamo Powermaster, myself.

      So if anyone has any range they'd like to set up, or targets that they'd
      like to bring, or a class they'd like to teach, then let me know. Just send
      me an e-mail to my new address - baron.jvn@.... (And while I'm
      thinking about it, if you would like to volunteer to help set up and/or
      marshal, let me know this, too.)

      However, the sooner you could get in touch with me, the better. The
      autocrats would like to get the schedules finalized as quickly as possible,
      so that we may have sufficient lead time for the printers.

      Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested,
      especially to anyone in our neighboring kingdoms.

      Two final small requests - first, if anyone has some spare royal round
      targets that they could bring, it would be greatly appreciated. And second,
      I need to come up with a not too difficult one-off shoot for one person,
      using a crossbow. E-mail me for details.

      Many thanks, and I look forward to seeing everyone at Blackstone Raids.

      Baron Johannes von Solingen

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