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Re: [SCA-Archery] Dowel arrows

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  • Bruce R. Gordon
    Greetings You can use dowel rods safely, but it s a chancy sort of thing since they are... well, dowel rods, not arrow shafts. What you sort of need to do is
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2006
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      You can use dowel rods safely, but it's a chancy sort of thing since they are... well, dowel rods, not arrow shafts. What you sort of need to do is go down to the hardware store and sort through all the rods they have in the diameter you want, checking each one meticulously for grain follow - because, obviously, if the "shaft" isn't cut along the grain, it could shatter or split. Then, haul out your scale and spliner, and go through them again to try and find six or twelve or whatever that are reasonably well-matched in weight. Ignore the funny looks and murmured comments from the other customers, it's a fletcher thing and they just don't understand. You do, of course... what you understand is that they are... well, dowel rods, not arrow shafts, and weren't cut to match each other to any great degree - some will, of course, just randomly, but you have to find 'em. You might get lucky and find a buncha "shafts" in the correct length, diameter, spine, and grainage, for real ch!
      eap compared to professionally cut shafts which, admittedly, are slowly getting priced out of reach. But chances are you will be looking for awhile.

      You could, of course, start your own coppicing grove and just grow your own shafts, but that would take awhile...


      Hmmm... for my part, I wouldn't use dowels from a hardware store in
      > my arrows (I shot a 50# longbow). I bought some hardwood (ash)
      > shafts from Allegheny Arrow Woods more than a year ago and am
      > finally (!) going to turn them into arrows. I'm much more
      > comfortable with that approach. But since I've never actually TRIED
      > store-bought dowels, I'll defer to those who have experience. But
      > for my own two pence, I'd rather invest the extra money for good
      > shafting since I'm going to put the same amount of labor into either
      > end product.
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