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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Seeking knowledge

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  • william
    ***Cian s essay here is really interesting. I ll check out his new Yahoo group.***
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 3, 2006
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      ***Cian's essay here is really interesting. I'll check out his new Yahoo

      >I agree with Charles in that the longbow didn't really gain it's
      > true respect until the late scottish campaigns; "halidon hill" c.
      > 1333 (14th cen).
      > I recently started a group to house images and links to English
      > Longbow resources. groups.yahoo.com/group/english_longbow
      > English longbowmen came in many flavors so picking accoutrements and
      > uniform are up to a bit of interpretation. There was no
      > true "standing national army" or uniform as we have in the modern
      > sense of the word uniform. Garrisoned troups, and household archers
      > would have worn matching livery to one another. But archers from
      > nearby towns within the same shire might look completely different
      > from each other. Levied troups would have been wearing whatever they
      > owned, plus miscellaneous items supplied by the commander/levying
      > disctrict or lord and perhaps a tabbard.
      > To help yourself out, I would suggest you try to pick your personae.
      > Not just time and location, but also what do you do? Are you a full-
      > time glassblower that shoots arrows weekly due to Royal mandate and
      > has taken on a position for the season as a levied archer because
      > you couldn't afford to pass up the 6p a day? Or maybe you're on full
      > time retinue with the local lord or township. Room and board
      > provided as a "career" archer. A member of a mercenary group
      > available for the highest bidder? An outlaw living in the greenwood,
      > making your meat in the King's forest poaching? Narrow the scope and
      > it will help you hone in on what accessories you will need.
      > -Cian
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