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RE: [SCA-Archery] Re: Another period bow

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  • Rj Bachner
    Heya No you don t have to have a self bow your own height but it will suffer for it. As you over bend the bow you will strain it beyond it s ability to spring
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 17, 2005

      No you don't have to have a self bow your own height but it will suffer for
      it. As you over bend the bow you will strain it beyond it's ability to
      spring back and you get a lot of set. As well as you noted you cant draw it
      back far enough cause it is stacking. Or the string angle formed at the limb
      tips has started to approach 90 degrees and it wont go much farther.

      I would suggest you get a self bow that is min 20% longer than 2 times your
      draw length . You will get a much better draw and performance from it. In
      fact if you have a bow made with a fairly long stiff handle section and
      limbs that are the correct length for you, you can have a bow with low
      string angles, lots of length for stability and make sure the limbs work
      mostly in the middle and end for a low set, high speed design.

      Target practice requires not a short bow but a long one for consistent and
      forgiving accuracy, well it does for some at any rate.


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      I actually HAVE a 54" flatbow. It's made out of red oak. It's a
      nice bow, and I've shot it a few times, but the problems with the
      self-bows is, you really DO need a bow that matches your height.
      This bow is supposed to be 40#, but it doens't have that much power
      when you shoot it. And it is a bit difficult to draw to 28".

      I will have it with me at Storvik's event this weekend, if you wish
      to see it.


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      > I was watching The lord of the rings trilogy (Keep the groaning to
      > minimum, please) and noticed the short bow that Viggo Mortgenson
      > using. Sitting on his back, it looked like it was about as thick
      > your thumb (no thicker) and only about 4'-5' long.
      > I know the it's a fantasy movie, but I was thinking that would be
      > great period bow to just toss or even keep in my car (my 75"
      > longbow doesn't fit well in my convertible with the top on). But
      > thought is that it would be near impossible to make one that short
      > that could be drawn to a near 30" length without snapping like a
      > The fact it wasn't recurved would probably stack like a bastard
      > also be a deterant.
      > Could something like that be made to work in reality? I know that
      > self yews (pretty flexible wood) should be as tall or taller then
      > user to keep from snapping when drawn fully.
      > (I already have 4 bows, but I'm just thinking.)
      > -Cian
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