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Want to start archery?

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  • Cian of Storvik
    I would probably ease into it. As far as the SCA being war minded . I would suggest that you look at the SCA.ORG information page OVERVIEW AND DESCRIPTION OF
    Message 1 of 13 , Aug 1, 2005
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      I would probably ease into it.
      As far as the SCA being "war minded". I would suggest that you look at
      the SCA.ORG information page "OVERVIEW AND DESCRIPTION OF THE SCA". If
      you spend any time in the SCA you will see that there is a living
      history aspect to it, as well as the sporting qualities. Very few
      people are in the SCA soley to whack people with a rattan stick.
      Anyone that wants to join he SCA because they want to bash people will
      either get very bored or very banned (for using excessive force).

      I would mention that you have an interest in traditional target
      Archery. Archery is a non-contact sport and not aggressive at all.
      Concentration, hand-eye coordination and practice are key elements to
      good target archery. Traditional archery is using bows like they would
      have used in period over 100 years ago. Not the modern "gun bows" with
      mechanical multiplying pulleys and hair-sights/peeps/trigger releases
      that remove all the natural skills required to shoot a bow. The SCA is
      one of the few organizations that not only aknowledge traditional bow
      use, but actually promote their use and understanding.

      If they are puzzled by your sudden interest in Archery, just pick-up
      some articles from Maurice Thompson and leave them conspicuously about
      the house. Maurice Thompson wrote very poetic annecdotes of archery
      nearly 125 years ago in "Witchery of Archery" and many articles for
      magazines and papers. Though he wrote of bow hunting and not target
      archery, his revelations of observing nature in all of it's splender
      drew in a new rennaissance of bow use over generations.

      "Give me a fortnight of freedom in the woods of spring, and I will
      find a freshness infinitely changeable, an originality varying with
      every puff of the breeze. Give me an outing; you might as well, for
      otherwise I shall take it by force; I must have it. And what is an
      outing in the green woods to him who bears not the longbow?

      Now, if you ask why the longbow is to be lugged in, I answer, because.
      It goes, or I stay. I would rather delve at my desk, with the good yew
      unstrung standing there in the corner beside the ancient tall clock,
      than to undertake a ramble in the hill-country without that trusty
      monochord across my arm. We have been boon companions these many
      years, my bow and I, and it is now too late for a change of relation;
      we go together into green solitudes and find the places where Diana's
      footprints are yet almost visible, the spot, still warm, where Pan
      took his noonday nap"

      I would get them acclimated to the other aspects of the SCA before you
      even allude to the fact that you are interested in combat.
      "Combat" is no worse then Football, soccer, karate or other contact
      sport. Combat will give you bruises to an extent (depending on the
      amount and placement of the armor you wear), but the SCA takes very
      serious measures to minimize medical injuries. And comparatively safe
      compared to rugby, hockey or field hockey in my opinion.

      Good luck and may all your arrows fly unerringly to their mark.
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