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Re: Long vs crossbow

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  • ranulfmayle
    Well said!! ... But ... longbow, ... lacks ... to ... for ... much ... own ... of ... superior. ... like
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      Well said!!

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Ben" <unclestrongbow@y...>
      > Okay, this feels soooooo crazy, but I'm going to try to argue the
      > merits of the crossbow (having an English longbowman persona).
      > I've been sane now for a long while. The change is refreshing.
      > First, the crossbow does seem to favor a static defense. It's
      > compact, has a tremendous range and is easier to use than a
      > as it has fewer physical requirements of the shooter. It's also
      > able to stay primed & ready to shoot almost indefinitely. It
      > speed in sending bolts down range, which is not so important when
      > you have a static position with lots of cover. So, yes, I can
      > easily accept that the crossbow is superior for seiges.
      > Truth be told, the longbow wasn't, in and of itself, so great a
      > weapon. It was hard to draw, had almost no mechanical help
      > whatsoever, and it was very large compared to the crossbow. What
      > made the longbow's reputation wasn't so much the bow itself, in my
      > humble opinion, as the man behind it. Its speed made it better on
      > open ground than the crossbow, while its size, I think, made less
      > favorable from a wall or other cover. The longbowman was trained
      > shoot as quickly and as accurately as poosible, but their main
      > advantage was that they could fill the air with arrows much faster
      > than crossbows. Facing a charging line of horsemen, numbers help
      > more than accuracy, methinks. But the sheer amount of training
      > a yeoman made him more costly than a crossbowman in the long run.
      > While the crossbow is more costly in materials and time, it is
      > easier to train a man at arms to use it.
      > As a weapon, the crossbow is more mechanically advanced, and does
      > more of the work for the shooter, making it easier to use,
      > especially from a defensive position. It gets high marks on its
      > design and ease of use. While the longbow is simpler to make and
      > harder to use, I find that its appeal to me is more in the sense
      > accomplishment I get from each shot than in any technical
      > superiority over the crossbow. It's not the bow that is
      > It is who the bow makes me, as an archer, that defines my love for
      > it. The crossbow is a fine weapon...but I feel that I'm a better
      > man for taking up the longbow, and following a harder path. I
      > the crossbow, but I LOVE the longbow.
      > Yours on the line,
      > Jon Strongebowe
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