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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Teathered Arrows

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  • Ricky L Son
    Hello jameswolfden,my name is Rickson of visalia.I have a crossbow made of solid oak with aluminum prod and i am wondering what it might be worth,This was
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 29, 2005
      Hello jameswolfden,my name is Rickson of visalia.I have a crossbow made of solid oak with aluminum prod and i am wondering what it might be worth,This was given to me and i have never shot one.Are they good shooters?It is a powermaster made by wham-o from what i have learned but no model number do i find.I went to the forum that you guys chat on but have not gotten an answer as of yet so i thought i would ask you in hopes that i am not being a henderence.I shoot cowboy action in period clothing of the 1800s.I am known as GunClick Rick.I never knew there was a club of you guys out there doing archery,i find it very interesting.I think you must have alot of patience and talent to do what you do as it is a little more skillfull than aiming with a firearm.The crossbow i have is excellent condition but i understand that an aluminum prod can stress over time.Is there a replacement prod out there for this one?That will do better?I'm sure i will sell it after i shoot it a couple of times
      so if you know anyone that is interested make me some offers.Sorry if i sound like a spam that is in no way my intention,just looking for some info so i don't aim it backwards and put a hole in my hat.String is ffine,aluminum prod very good to excellent,and solid oak wood rifle type stock called powermaster.By the way how in the Robeeen Hooud do you aim this thing???It has a little round rubber wheel thing at the front on a bridge type mechanism,what do you use for the rear site or line up with?
      Thanks for your time and any info you can supply.May your arrows carry far and strieght with the wind...Rick Son,Visalia,Ca.

      jameswolfden <jameswolfden@...> wrote:
      This seems quite complicated and I firmly believe in the KISS
      principle. While I may not be in favour of certification, CAID's
      implementation of it as described by Carolus seems simple and

      With a marshall watching a new archer, there is little reason to hold
      up a regular round. Just slip the new archer into the rotation when the
      the round gets to twenty yards.

      When we practised at a range that used portable targets, one of the
      targets was constantly moved to 20 yards from the shooting line. This
      helped new archers build up their skill and confidence while the other
      archers were shooting a royal round. Unfortunately the range we use
      today has fixed butts.

      James Wolfden

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Kinjal of Moravia"
      > Apparently, in Korean archery practice, original training is done
      > arrows teathered to a 20 ft. bamboo pole. Only after form and draw
      > are perfected does the student start with 'live' targets at about 160
      > yards.
      > Perhaps there is value here, especially with the certification
      > process. Checking out a new archer would not require holding up
      > regular rounds or even require a range. Best I can gather, the
      > teather cord is attached through a hole near the arrow tip. I do not
      > have a clue as to teather length or possible rebound problems.
      > Kinjal

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      Rick L Son

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