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Re: [SCA-Archery] Mounted Archery...One Step at a Time

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  • ggarrett
    Hi! Everyone!! I m back!! Sorry for my absence....a death in the family wigged me out there for a little while. I was just catching up on the 205 messages, of
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      Hi! Everyone!! I'm back!! Sorry for my absence....a death in the family wigged me out there for a little while. I was just catching up on the 205 messages, of which 5 are still unread, when I found this slightly disturbing post...I am still very green on this E-mail concept and the (<<, >,> >, >>) incoming and prior message symbols made it a little difficult to decipher this one. But I gave it a go and I think I've gotten it right.....There seems to be a misunderstanding here.

      If you guys could get a copy of the Meridian Book of the Horse, basically what I am using as a bible, there is a WEALTH of knowledge to be had. (I would recommend contacting THL Talitha Veronin, ALM fore more information on the procurement of said manual).One item of particular interest at the moment (Starting on p.67) is the section on sanctioned mounted archery. Note, I have never to my knowledge referred to this as a "combat" situation. I did erroneously refer to the type of arrows (at least I thought it came across that way) as being "combat archery" instead of "target archery" versus the "Markland" style that is also approved for use in mounted archery. I hope that clears up any misunderstandings we may have had... [( :}) Sorry for the confusion! I, as well as you, learn something new every day. (I hope I do, anyway).

      The only approved tips are the closed-cell foam & duct tape style known as "Markland" ( that is a VERY simplified description...I will be posting the spec. sheet and info for the proper construction of the arrows and the necessary target as well as what I currently have for quiver construction at another date), and good'ol standard archery points. Note, also, the use of aluminum shafts is NOT allowed. Cedar only. The choice of bow, on the other hand, is a personal one. It is HIGHLY recommended that it be no longer than 38" (mine is Mongolian style with offset limbs and a little longer than recommended) and have a 35lb draw (again, mine exceeds this tolerance by a hair). I am also 6' tall and have (so far) a 26" draw on it. Don't laugh, I know I'm a wimp; I'm just starting all this, ya know. I think I will go to Wal-Mart and get a smaller, easier to handle, kid's model for the initial introduction of my horse to a bow . Safety FIRST!! And you never know...it might get dropped or stepped on! And that's just good economic sense.


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      << > >In mounted combat archery, how do you protect the horse from being hit
      > >arrow aimed at you?
      > At least in the middle kingdom there is no mounted combat
      > and probably never will be.

      FWIW, there is no SCA sanctioned mounted combat of any kind.
      (SCA equestrain policies forbid it and SCA insurance doesn't cover
      this would be fun for compatition like corn stalk shooting but from the back
      of a horse , but in my case we would have to use a watermelon


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