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Primitive Archer magazine survey

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  • John edgerton
    The magazine Primitive Archer which sometimes has articles on the history of archery as well as how to, tips, product information, book reviews, hunting
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2005
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      The magazine "Primitive Archer" which sometimes has articles on the
      history of archery as well as how to, tips, product information, book
      reviews, hunting stories, etc., is running a survey. They have had
      articles on medieval military archery and two on target and combat
      archery in the SCA. If you do not already subscribe to it, I would
      recommend doing so. The survey gives readers a chance for input on
      what types of articles they want. If you would like to have a source
      for reading more articles on archery history, I would suggest taking
      the survey. Also, those that send in the survey with be entered in a
      drawing for some nice prizes.

      Their web site with the survey is at http://www.primitivearcher.com/


      Please take a moment of your time to complete our survey and return it
      to us as soon as possible. By completing this survey you are giving us
      direct input as to what you want in your magazine. We welcome
      your comments and ideas, because by getting your input we can be more
      dynamic in meeting your needs. It is the policy of �PRIMITIVE ARCHER�
      NOT to sell our list or information about our readers.

      Each completed survey will be put into a bin and winners will be drawn
      at random. Surveys must be returned by the end of August 2005 . All
      winners will be announced in the WINTER issue.

      FIRST PRIZE - Paid registration at the 26nd Annual Javelina and Wild
      Hog Texas Shoot-Out in Laredo, Texas.
      OTHER PRIZES - include Binoculars courtesy of Alpen Optical, Arrows &
      Stains courtesy of Gray Ghost Traditional Archery, Autographed Books
      courtesy of HorsefeathersrancH, Rib-Tek Broadheads courtesy of Hunter
      Distribution, Hunting calls and an Archery vest courtesy of Primos
      Hunting Calls, 10 FREE Subscriptions to �PRIMITIVE
      ARCHER� Magazine and10 FREE Subscriptions to the �PRIMITIVE ARCHER�

      CLICK HERE to download the Survey in PDF. You can fill out the PDF
      electronically, save it and email it to
      survey05@... , or you can fill it out, print it out
      and send to us by mail (address is included in the PDF).

      Click to download Free Adobe Reader if needed

      Copyright �2005 Primitive Archer Magazine
      All rights reserved.

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