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Re: Light Combat Archer

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  • Ian Gourdon
    ... The Battle: MOUNTAIN ABBEY BATTLE Duration: 1-½ hours The field will be 510 feet wide by 250 feet long. The boundaries will be marked with hay bales and
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      > At this time, there is no light combat archery allowed in the Midrealm.
      > However, at Pennsic this year there will be one battle, the Abbey Battle,
      > that will allow non-combat archers under controlled conditions. There will
      > be several structures involved in the battle, two of which will be manned
      > by lightly armored archers (possibly fencing masks at present) shooting
      > through arrow slits 9" by 48". These structures will be completely
      > off-limits to allow for these special light archers to participate in a
      > full-scale battle.
      > In service,
      > THL Robin Kyrke, Forester
      > Principality Archery Marshal for Northshield, Midrealm

      Duration: 1-½ hours

      The field will be 510 feet wide by 250 feet long. The
      boundaries will be marked with hay bales and no fighting may
      occur outside these boundaries. Armies will enter from
      opposite sides. Resurrection points will be placed outside
      the boundary in the center of each side. “Dead” troops may
      leave the field at the nearest convenient point. All troops,
      regardless of where they left the field must go around to
      their resurrection point before re-entering the battle.
      Troops may re-enter the battle at any point along their
      original entry boundary.

      Across the center of the fighting field, buildings will be
      placed according to pre-determined location and dimensions.
      Buildings will be marked by hay bales and have 12’ doors
      marked by 4” x 4” posts with rope lintels. Buildings will
      also have sheet walls broken by sturdy arrow slits
      delineating 9” x 48” openings. Combat archery and thrown
      weapons may be fired through these openings, both from
      inside and outside, however, no fighting may occur through

      Combat may not take place over hay bales. Fighters may not
      sit, stand, walk, or run on the bales. A fighter may use
      bales to stop his fall or regain his balance. If a fighter’s
      hand or weapon lands outside of the hay bales, or if a
      fighter is pushed or falls over the bales, that fighter must
      return to his side’s resurrection point to reenter the

      This battle will also include Combat archery. Heavy Archers,
      that is, fighters who may also shoot will be allowed inside
      the battle zone. Light Archers will also be allowed in this
      battle under strict conditions. Along both sides of the
      battle zone special archery buildings will be constructed
      with arrow slits as in the central buildings. These
      buildings will contain a central room with a door as
      specified above opening onto the battlefield. Light archers
      may shoot from the arrow slits in their respective buildings
      so long as the central room is controlled (see below) by
      their army. For crowd safety purposes, these archers will
      not be targets for return fire, but will wear fencing masks
      as precaution against stray fire.

      Face thrusting and Thrown weapons such as javelins and
      throwing axes will also be accepted if they meet Midrealm
      and East kingdom standards.

      This battle will also include siege weapons that meet the
      minimum requirements set by Society standards. Ammunition
      for siege engines will be ballista bolts as per Society
      rules or “rocks” constructed from four taped tennis balls.
      Siege engines will be placed behind a firing line 10’
      outside the boundaries and may be crewed by non-combatants.
      Siege crews must wear scout armor approved for Combat
      Archery situations. However, for crowd safety purposes, they
      may not be targeted for return fire. A banner will be placed
      near each engine at the boundary. A unit consisting of at
      least three opposing fighters may “destroy” an engine by
      touching the staff of the representative banner. The crew is
      likewise dead, but may resurrect as per fighters to crew
      another weapon. The engine may also be resurrected, if the
      weapon is transported in entirety to resurrection point and
      back to the firing line and it’s banner reset.

      Victory conditions: At 2 random intervals and end of battle,
      control of each building will be determined. Each building
      will contain a bag, stuffed with straw, with one red side
      and one blue side. These bags may not be moved from there
      marked position, but must be turned up to show the
      controlling armies tape color. Control will be defined by
      having this bag showing an armies color. If, at the check
      point, the bag is in the process of being turned over, the
      side that ends up will determine control.

      All fighters should kneel at the final cannon, and the doors
      of all buildings will be ‘closed’. All fighters outside the
      buildings will be excused. Those inside will fight until
      only one side remains. Most points at the end of battle
      determine victory. If a tie of total points results, victory
      will be determined by best 3 of 5 in final building
      From a different part of the Pennsic document:

      In any following specified battle Combat Archery will be
      allowed as follows:

      Weapon Standards-

      Maximum length is 28 inches, crossbow bolt maximum length is
      14 inches, measured from bottom of nock slot to just back of
      the blunt.
      Arrows must be made from golf tube, or SOLID fiberglass,
      covered lengthwise with fiber or strapping tape from the
      base of the fletches to the end of the arrow, covering the
      end of the arrow.

      Must be tennis ball, Balder Blunt, Thistle Missile or
      Markland style with a minimum diameter of 1.25 inches.

      Longbows and recurves:
      Heavy bows of 35# to 50# at 28 inch draw may only shoot golf
      tube arrows and must be marked with a 6 inch strip of red
      tape on the upper limb.
      All bow shooting anything other than golf tube arrows will
      be 30# or less of pull at 28 inches, measured from the back
      of the bow to the drawn string. (Note: the “back” of the bow
      is the side facing the enemy. The “belly” of the bow is the
      side facing the archer.)

      - Crossbows firing anything other than golf tube bolts must
      have a maximum draw weight of 600 inch/pounds.
      Crossbows firing golf tube arrows must have a maximum draw
      weight of 840 inch/pounds. This is the measurement of the
      draw length from the relaxed string to the drawn/cocked
      string, multiplied by the poundage of the crossbow.
      - There is no minimum range, but the bolt or arrow must be
      completely airborne before it reaches its target.
      - Arrow hits are treated the same as any other thrust. Hits
      to the top, side or back of the helm do not count. If any
      weapon, including arrows hits your bow, it is considered
      “broken”. Ricochet shots off other opponents are not good.
      - Once fired, dropped, or fallen from a quiver, arrows must
      be reinspected before being reused.

      Types of Archers

      Heavy Archers
      1. Heavy Archers may be “touch killed”.
      2. Armor: As above for heavy weapons fighters, including
      full hand protection on the bow hand, and half-gauntlet and
      heavy glove on the arrow/string hand.
      3. A quiver is not a shield or armor and if struck, the blow
      is to be taken as if the quiver was not there. Any shield
      must have a grip/strap/handle held by the hand, otherwise it
      is considered armor and, if “touched” or hit by an arrow,
      you lose your arm.
      4. To switch from “combat archer” to “heavy weapons
      fighter”, you must drop your bow before drawing a weapon.

      Light Archers
      Light Archers will be allowed ONLY in the Abbey Battle. See
      pertinent rules below.

      Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe, OP
      Known as a forester of the Greenwood, Midrealm
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