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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Cloth armor

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  • Will Terada
    In Japan, there was a piece of armour used that was nothing more than a billowing cape called a horo. Almost like a parachute It s purpose was to protect
    Message 1 of 15 , Apr 25, 2005
      In Japan, there was a "piece" of armour used that was nothing more
      than a billowing cape called a horo. Almost like a parachute It's
      purpose was to protect against arrows in the back as the riders rode
      away after loosing their arrows. Occasionally the horo has a wicker
      frame to keep it billowed out without the need to be riding.

      On 4/20/05, Kinjal of Moravia <gusarimagic@...> wrote:
      > --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Carolus von Eulenhorst
      > <eulenhorst@e...> wrote:
      > > Not to sound like I am attacking your work but meaning this as
      > constructive evaluations of an experiment I have several comments.
      > +++ I have appreciayed and respected your comments over the years
      > and am glad you have an interest here. I would expect many serious
      > inquiries leading to possible testing by others. My test are not
      > meant to be diffinitive in any way -- simply indicating that the
      > value of multiple layers of cloth as a shield (such as cloak away
      > from body), backdrop (perhaps many feet behind target) or camp
      > protection/shield wall, are of value far exceeding anything I have
      > seen written
      > I am approaching this the same as I approach any other argument
      > pertaining to armor effectiveness. First off, I need to apologize,
      > you did say linen and silk in your original post,
      > +++ nay, I should have anticipated that many on first e-mail read
      > would catagorize snipets of thoughts into experienced categories.
      > This I would have done had I thought to make a serious suggestion of
      > legitimizing cloth armor for SCA use. I had thought the whole issue
      > of 'silk shirts' was adequately covered in the archives two years
      > ago, but perhaps on the combat site. 'silk' is not the critical
      > value here, only an advantage. The effectiveness of a free hanging
      > cloth, and non-touching layers are.
      > kinjal>
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