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Steppes Warlord XXXII

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  • lindorie55
    Unto all Archers of the Knowne World and friends of Archery do I send greetings and these tidings. Warlord Cometh!!!! Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30, 2005,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2005
      Unto all Archers of the Knowne World and friends of Archery
      do I send greetings and these tidings.

      Warlord Cometh!!!!

      Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30, 2005, brings the Thirty-
      second Steppes Warlord in Canton, TX. This year we have not
      just one, or two, or even three archery competitions, but
      FIVE (5) for all skill levels and ages.

      On Saturday we will have the William Tell shoot which is
      always entertaining, closely followed by the Bowman's
      Tournament. This competition is for archers who have Royal
      Round averages of 44 or less and have never won a
      tournament. For those who have not got a RR average, we
      depend on one's sense of honor and to a certain degree on
      the person's reputation as an archer. If you are in the
      quarter or semi-finals at Royal Huntsman tournaments, you
      probably won't be shooting as a Bowman or under. This is a
      huge event and is open to youth level archers, as well. Last
      year we had nearly 50 competitors for this tournament.

      Also on Saturday will be the Period Equipment only shoot.
      This will be starting as close to 2:30 as we can manage it.
      For this shoot, all equipment must be period style. For
      crossbows, this means no aluminum or fiberglass prods. For
      bows, a certain amount of fiberglass will be allowed so long
      as it does not plasticize the bow. Documentation of
      equipment is desired but not required. For more information
      on this shoot, check with HL Jaque the Spink.

      Sunday will have the Children's Shoot starting at 8 sharp.
      This shoot must be completed before morning court so we need
      to get this going in a timely manner. Last year we had kids
      dragging in to shoot as we were getting ready to head to
      court. Sorry folks, not this year. No new entrants will be
      accepted after we start shooting.

      Steppes Archer starts 1 hour after court concludes. Sign ups
      will take place in that hour between Court and starting.
      This is a championship shoot and requires the winner to
      fullfill the requirements of the position of Steppes Archer
      including standing up in Baronial Courts at Steppes events.
      It may also require other duties at the discretion of Their
      Excellencies. This is not an event for children, nor for
      novice archers. Last year I had a mother who wanted to enter
      her teenage (under 16) son in the contest for his first
      competition....no! That's what the Bowman's Tournament is

      Crossbowmen will be required to shoot while standing for all

      For the first time, we will be awarding the Silver Arrow of
      the Steppes. This award will be voted on by the archers and
      marshals participating and serving on the range for the
      Bowman's, Period Equipment, and Steppes Archer competitions.
      These same archers and marshals are eligible for the award.
      They will be voting on the person who most demonstrates, or
      has impressed them with their chivalric behavior on the
      field...Honor, loyalty, courage, grace, courtesy, and
      humility, these are what we will be looking for.

      If you have any questions, please contact myself
      (sueorintxathotmail.com)or my deputy HL Jaque the Spink at
      (jspinksatix.netcom.com) please substitute the @ for
      the 'at' within the addresses to get them to work properly.
      For information on other aspects of the event and
      information on hotels, etc. please go to:

      We look forward to having you join us for this most
      memorable event.

      Yours in service to the Barony of the Steppes, Ansteorra,
      and the Dream,

      Lady Lyneya de Grey
      Baronial Archery Marshal
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