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(fwd) ANNOUNCEMENT: Baldar Blunts (fwd)

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  • John Edgerton
    -- forwarded message -- From: vanorav@aol.com (Lady Vanora) Newsgroups: rec.org.sca Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Baldar Blunts Date: 04 Apr 2000 00:54:16 GMT
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2000
      -- forwarded message --
      From: vanorav@... (Lady Vanora)
      Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
      Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Baldar Blunts
      Date: 04 Apr 2000 00:54:16 GMT


      the following was written by HG, Duke Baldar. Please read it carefully and
      direct your questions to him at ACooley@.... Also, I will be updating the
      Baldar Blunts site this week (http://www.n-link.com/~vanora/BalradBlunts).

      My Thanks,

      Lady Vanora Villon de Calais
      Squire to Viscount Galen of Bristol, House at the Axe's Ford (Ansteorra)
      Man-at-arms to Duke Baldar, House Asgard (Trimaris)

      PS Can someone please forward this to the Archers List, Missle List, and
      any combat lists. Thank ya much!

      Dear Archers,

      Due to some quality control issues there have been some recent changes in
      the production and distribution of Baldar Blunts. There have been three errors
      in production, in SOME of the blunts currently in use.

      1) Some blunts have been found to have a defective material used in the
      production of the nylon disc. This has been solved and will no longer happen in
      the future as each batch will be proofed and inspected after the run. This disc
      shatters when used, thus ruining the blunt. This shatter usually happens as
      soon as the blunt is seated by firing into a wall, and the blunt fails by
      shoving the shaft into the rubber cone, disconnecting it from the back of the
      blunt. Any reasonable inspection of the blunt after fire will reveal the
      problem. I will gladly replace 2 for 1 of the blunts that have defective
      discs, upon receipt of the defective blunts.

      2) Some blunts have been found to have been manufactured with a lighter but
      less elastic material that causes splitting of the neck upon seating the blunt.
      This is a defect that appears immedialty upon installation and will be
      replaced 1 for 1 upon receipt of the defective blunt.

      3) Lastly, some few blunts were made that used a fiberglass neck for a wood
      shaft. This caused too tight a fit and will be replaced 1 for 1.

      All replacement blunts can either be exchanged for good blunts at Jolly
      Sven's Bargain Pillage or directly through me.

      In addition, as a result of the new quality control procedures, all future
      blunts will be dated by year with a two year guarantee on the materials and
      workmanship. In order to decrease storage and stock costs a limited number of
      colors will be offered. Red, Blue, Black, Gold, and Green will be the only
      colors available.

      Lastly, due to our friends at OPEC the cost of plastic and rubber has exploded.
      The new cost of the blunts will be as follows:

      <50 = $2.25 each
      50-499 = $2.00 each
      >500 = $1.75 each

      I am so sorry that the cost has gone up. I have kept it the same for the
      last four years, and the Arabs gave me no choice.

      Good Shooting!

      Duke Baldar


      Webminister for Baldar Blunts:

      SCA Webministers Guild/Mailing List:

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