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Fw: Creative Shoots - Project

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  • Katherine Killigrew
    I will take up the torch Laebeth, unless someone else out there has already accomplished a similar task and compiled such a listing of Novelty shoots ...???
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2005
      I will take up the torch Laebeth, unless someone else out there has already accomplished a similar task and compiled such a listing of Novelty shoots ...???

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      Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 8:55 AM
      Subject: RE: Creative Shoots - Project

      Greetings, Katherine.

      To my great disappointment, I had to step out of the current Middle Ages to
      tend to some critical events in my mundane life, and I never compiled the
      information I gathered. I have loads of notes and EMs from folks;
      unfortunately, not many pictures to go with them.

      I would love to get back to the project, but I fear it may be a while before
      I can work it in among my fledgling fletching business, mundane work, and my
      family (who have been the recipients of my absence). If someone would like
      to take up the torch, I'd be happy to pass along the information I gathered.
      Otherwise, y'all will have to wait for me a bit longer! ;>

      Best to you and yours,


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      From: Katherine Killigrew [mailto:katherine_killigrew@...]
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      To: Laebeth Cúriel
      Subject: Re: Creative Shoots - Project

      Greetings Laebeth,

      I am writing as I found this post when I did a search for Novelty
      Shoots in the past missives of the SCA-Archery Group. I was thinking
      along exactly the same lines! Trying to find a single source (book or
      such) of novelty shoots and if unable to call for submissions and
      create one myself! How is your project going? I would dearly love to
      get a copy of whatever you have!


      Katherine Killigrew
      Baronial Archer

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com<mailto:SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com>, Laebeth Cúriel <laebeth@w<mailto:laebeth@w>...>
      > Greetings to all those who frequent the halls of these fine archery
      > I am undertaking a project with which I solicit your help . . . I
      find that
      > there are many, very creative archers out there who have discovered
      > developed period-type novelty shoots. However, this information is
      > widely available to all of us archers. (That is, unless there is
      > out there that I have not been able to find during the past year or
      two that
      > I have been looking. If there is, PLEASE tell me how I may lay my
      hands on
      > it and skip the rest of this missive! ;)
      > I plan to prepare a Book of Creative Shoots and Contests, cross-
      > in .doc and .pdf formats, available to any and all archers wishing
      > information. Depending on the response, there may be a specific
      > e.g., Clout games, Youth games, etc. (BTW - Lord Wolfden, the
      > approach for children eliminated from the game is brilliant!)
      > Your help is needed! Please send me descriptions of your favorite
      > whether you have conducted, participated in or just heard of them.
      You may
      > provide as much or little detail as you see fit. I'm sure there
      will be
      > variations on some of the themes; all variations will be included
      (well, to
      > the extent that is practical). If you have specific score sheets
      > recommend, please provide those, too. If you have pictures of the
      > being conducted or specialized targets, all the better! Please
      also provide
      > your name so I can give you credit for your contributions.
      > For text, MS Word format is preferred, but I have access to a
      number of
      > other word-processing programs as well and can always work
      with .pdf.
      > Pictures, target faces and score sheets can
      be .pdf, .bmp, .jpg, .dwg, or
      > any MS format. Please make submittals to by e-mail or snail-mail
      > paper format works, too), at the addresses below.
      > This is intended to be YOUR reference source. Thus, if there is
      > else you think would be useful to the archery community, please
      provide it
      > or let me know so I can make the request. If you have suggestions
      on how to
      > best present this information or other, please let me know. Thank
      you in
      > advance for your efforts and creativity.
      > Yours in service,
      > Laebeth Cúriel, CDB
      > laebeth@w<mailto:laebeth@w>...
      > 6450 N. 56th Street
      > Milwaukee, WI 53223

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