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    ... would ... In regard to the expected skills desired for a candidate for such an award, this footnote for the Midrealm (grant level) equivalent - The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2005
      > John edgerton wrote:
      > >Am I correct in reading this as the current members of the treaty
      > >retain some degree of control as to allowing a kingdom to join the
      > >treaty? To exaggerate, as in a kingdom with standards of: Anyone that

      > >shoots over at 20 on the Royal Round becomes a member...

      In regard to the expected skills desired for a candidate for such an
      award, this footnote for the Midrealm (grant level) equivalent - The
      Greenwood Company - may be of some interest. We style ourselves
      Foresters. Our first level award is the Dragons Barb, and we have come so
      far as to advise TRMs about who we think is ready to join the Company.
      Whether TRMs accept our recommendations is, of course, entirely up to
      them, and some Monarchs actively seek our advice, and some not.
      Ian Gourdon

      A comment By THL Robin Arthur Kyrke:
      This order is the highest level award that an archer may aspire to in
      this kingdom and, as such, holds a special place in the hearts of those
      gentles committed to the art of archery. For this reason, I wish to
      advise you of the qualities looked for in a potential Forester by myself
      and some other members of the order so that you may be better informed on
      this issue. I wish merely to share my views. According to the description
      in the laws of the Middle Kingdom, a prospective member should show
      excellence in two of three areas: skill, service, and arts and sciences.
      Of course, other factors do play a role as well, as I will attempt to
      explain. Although archery is far more quantifiable than the other combat
      arts, what sort of scores show excellence in the skill qualification? If
      an archer is very active, they should be shooting the Midrealm Ranking
      Shoot and the Inter Kingdom Archery Competition and sending in scores. A
      score of around 75+ in the ranking and 180+ in the IKAC would show a high
      level of skill, but I have seen members elevated with much lower scores.
      Personally, I feel that the skill component is very important as the
      Greenwood will be looked to in times of war as a source for possible
      Archery Champions, very much like the Red Company (rattan) is for
      Unbelted Champions. In the area of service, a candidate should be freely
      teaching, marshalling, running events and practices, helping to set up
      and take down ranges, encouraging others in the sport, etc. They should
      be someone others look to for advice and support. In the arts and
      sciences component, a candidate would show a degree of mastery in the
      making of archery equipment or accessories for themselves or others.
      Also, research and a period appearance could be noted as well. A
      candidate should already have a Dragon's Barb, unless it is felt that
      their qualifications are highly exceptional. They should also already be
      an archery marshal. It shows a commitment and responsibility to all
      archers and their safety. Most importantly of all, those who wear the
      green hood will serve as a very visible example to all who see them. How
      they comport themselves, on and off the range, will affect how others
      view all archers as a whole and how the archers view the Order. Their
      actions should inspire other archers to better themselves and not just in
      their skills. As the Knights inspire the fighters, so should the
      Greenwood Company be a good example to the archers."

      Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe - Midrealm Forester, OP
      "From the point of view of an arrow, chain mail can
      be thought of as a series of loosely connected holes." -Terry Pratchett

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