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RE: [SCA-Archery] Re: norse or migration era arrows

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  • jim
    Hi, Thanks for mentioning about the 4-fletch arrows attrubuted by DuChaillu s book. I had passed it up when looking through my documentations. Here s the
    Message 1 of 15 , Mar 7, 2005
      Thanks for mentioning about the 4-fletch arrows
      attrubuted by DuChaillu's book. I had passed it
      up when looking through my documentations.
      Here's the complete quote:
      "The quivers from the earlier iron age were
      occasionally of wood, sometimes with bronze
      mountings, and were made to hold a score of arrows.
      Some arrows were ornamented with gold, were long,
      and often barbed with iron or bone. The
      arrow-shafts, of wood, were two to three feet long,
      with four rows of feathers, fasted in pitched
      thread; they, as well as the spears, often bore the
      marks of ownership; while some were engraved with


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      > I was about to post this when my system went down
      a few hours ago so
      > you might want to compare this against what
      Smithur found since he
      > states that the fletchings no longer remain.
      > I did some quick research and found some leads but
      I am not able to
      > follow them up for accuracy at this point but they
      deal with
      > fletching and nocks so that might help.
      > On Stefan Florigieum (hope I spelled that right),
      there is a
      > reference to norse arrows being four fletched.
      This is attributed to
      > the book "The Viking Age" by Paul DuChaillu.
      > There is also reference to a book, "Pfeil und
      Bogen in Haithabu",
      > describing bows and arrows found in Hedeby site
      dig. It is in German.
      > While researching Hedeby, I did find some english
      webpages that
      > claimed, in addition, to the four fletched arrows
      that some arrows
      > found in Hedeby were nocked using bone or bronze
      tanged nocks. No
      > references were given to back up their claim.
      > I have often wondered if four fletched arrows were
      really period.
      > Hopefully, it is not a false lead. Let us know
      what else you find out.
      > James Wolfden
      > --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Ragi of House
      > <ragiwarmbear@s...> wrote:
      > > in truth I am more interested in the nocks and
      fletching and any
      > decoration of norse and barbarian
      > > arrows than the points, seeing as field points
      is all we use,
      > >
      > > my most common fletching is a laced on straight
      cut 3/4 inch high
      > and it seems a good generic
      > > compromise but is there any mention of the shape
      of the fletching
      > as was used? I know toxophilius
      > > says there are different shapes of fletching but
      that is almost
      > 1000 years later than what I am
      > > looking for.
      > >
      > > Ragi
      > >
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