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Arrow belt / cup

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  • Buzzard Moon
    I recently purchased one of Terry s (FIRESPITTER LEATHER) arrow cups and was able to use it for the first time at a field/wood roving course this weekend. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2005
      I recently purchased one of Terry's (FIRESPITTER LEATHER) arrow cups and was able to use it for the first time at a field/wood roving course this weekend. It worked wonderfully. I was using modern field points and large fletchings which passed easily through the belt. I wore the cup on a wide ring belt (over mundane clothes) which I had loosely fastened. With just a little practice, I was shooting as fast as I would have with a hip quiver.

      Richard of Westwood

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      Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 20:45:06 -0800
      From: John edgerton <sirjon1@...<mailto:sirjon1@...>>
      Subject: Re: Re: Arrow Belt?

      I just looked at your site. You have some nice products.

      In your section on the arrow cup you say:

      "There is great debate as to why the British archers of the Hundred
      Years War period never used a modern quiver as we know them today.
      There is no example in illustration or text to their use prior to the
      17th century."

      True, there is little example of back quivers in medieval illustration.
      And most all of the illustrations of the 100 years war show them in
      the belt or on the ground. However, there are many examples of hip
      quivers in medieval illustration. For some examples look at the
      painting section particularly those showing his martyrdom. Those
      scenes show the archers and their gear.


      On Sunday, March 6, 2005, at 08:15 PM, Cyan of Storvik wrote:

      > I actually manufacture an arrow cup using designs procured from a
      > fellow archery enthusiast in the U.K. who has seen a period arrow
      > cup in the London Museum Collection. There was some back and forth
      > over several weeks to get it just right.
      > Evidently, a lot of reenactors in the UK (hundred years war period)
      > use replicas like the one I produce.
      > The arrow cup is at www.firespitter.com<http://www.firespitter.com/> and select All Things
      > Archery, and then the item is Arrow Cup.
      > If you'd like to make your own, in it's basic form it is is a cup on
      > a small tether that you can attatch to your belt. Arrows are stuffed
      > through your belt and into the cup.
      > A cup like this would not have been usable for wide broad points and
      > swallowtails but for bodkins and type 16 arrow heads, the cup
      > functions perfectly, like wise with modern field points.
      > -Cyan
      > (Terry L. Thompson)
      > Firespitter Leathers
      > www.firespitter.com<http://www.firespitter.com/>

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