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Re: [SCA-Archery] Unicorn Windows Challenge?

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  • James W. Pratt, Jr.
    Try this URL if you do not have access let me know. ... The Unicorn Wreath Challenge The Rules All rules and conventions of the SCA and your Kingdom must
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 31, 2005
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      Try this URL if you do not have access let me know.> > >
      > > > http://my.erinet.com/~chaderin/wreath/main.html

      The Unicorn Wreath Challenge
      The Rules
      All rules and conventions of the SCA and your Kingdom must be followed. Only
      SCA-legal target archery equipment is permitted.
      The Challenge will start April 1st, 2004 and end on October 31st, 2004.
      The target for this challenge is a wreath. For standardization, a 12"
      diameter circle drawn on paper to represent the scoring area within the
      wreath shall be used. A real wreath may be placed around the outer
      circumference of the circle for an enhanced period look, but the 12" circle
      is what matters for scoring. The circle must not be larger than the 12"
      diameter from edge to edge.
      Where a 12" circle in unavailable to be shot, a standard 60cm target can be
      used with one modification: the circle to shoot at stops at the line that
      splits the two blue circles. That circle is slightly smaller than 12" in
      diameter by about 2/10th of inch. If the archer can accept this slightly
      smaller target, then their scores are valid to be shot and submitted.
      The arrow must be IN the circle, or touching the edge of the circle, to
      score. The arrows will be shot in two consecutive ends of 5 arrows each or
      one end of 10 arrows. All 10 arrows must score to complete the challenge at
      the given distance.
      If the arrow bounces, passes through or falls out before scoring, and the
      witness can plainly see that the arrow was a scoring shot, then it should
      still count as a scoring shot. If the result cannot be distinctly perceived
      at the time of shooting or upon arrow retrieval then the shot shall count as
      a miss.
      The archer will start with the target placed at 10 yards. Upon completion of
      that distance, the archer is done with that distance and moves on to 20
      yards, incrementing 10 yards there after.
      There is no maximum distance for this challenge, other than what a shooting
      site may offer. Safety should be considered, always.
      The archer does not need to shoot all distances consecutively in a day to
      shoot the next distance. Once a distance has been completed, you can pick up
      at the next target distance whenever or wherever you need to do so. (ie, you
      can complete 10 and 20 yard one day, wait a week and pick up at 30 yards,
      The archer may shoot at a given distance any number of times as needed to
      complete that distance. For example, an archer may need to make 20 attempts
      before they get all their arrows in the circle.
      Scores for this contest may be shot at events (as permitted by the marshal
      in charge), formal SCA archery practices or any other venue where possible.
      In all cases, an SCA-warranted archery marshal must witness the shooting to
      make the score valid.
      When submitting a score, please list the following: SCA name, Mundane Name,
      Kingdom, Bow Type (Crossbow, Longbow, Recurve) and if the bow is Unsighted
      or Sighted. If sight/no sight is not listed, sighted will be assumed.
      To submit your score, add the yardage of the last distance(s) you
      successfully completed, to the number of shafts you had in the ring at your
      current distance. This becomes your total score. Therefore, if you had
      successfully completed 30yds, and then got 7 in at 40 yards, your score
      would be 37 (10 at 10 yds, plus 10 at 20 yds, plus 10 at 30 yds, plus 7 at
      40 yds). If you successfully complete 40yds, but don't bother trying for
      higher yet, then your score would be simply 40, for example.
      Archers should continue to submit any scores higher than their previous
      submitted score. It is not necessary to submit scores that are lower or the
      same as their previous high score.
      Results will be broken down by the following:
      - Longbow (Sighted)
      - Longbow (No Sight)
      - Recurve (Sighted)
      - Recurve (No Sight)
      - Crossbow (Sighted)
      - Crossbow (No Sight)
      Archers may freely submit scores in any or all divisions they choose.
      All scores are to be submitted to Caedmon at caeman@.... In the
      subject of the mail message, please put [wreath] in the subject line to make
      score submissions easier to identify.

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